Top 5 Wedding Dresses

The main luxury brands that specialize in wedding dresses presented their collections for the season of marriages 2015. Select the main styles of the catwalks of London, New York, Barcelona and Madrid, which will influence the parade toward the altar.

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  1. fallen Mango

The secret of the look is a combination of Greco-Roman cutting with the strapless neckline, shoulders discovered thanks to a simple half-sleeve. Works both with voluminous skirts or romantic looks “skirts in”, as the minimalist wedding dresses style cuts years 1990 or with income necklines with transparencies.

  1. Mermaid

The reinvention of the classic look Mermaid proposes dresses in silk or satin. Among the most prominent color palettes are the tones ranging from ivory to Pearl Grey. This style is even sexier, with most models adjusted to the body, draped horizontally, some dresses and Halter neckline Princess marking the bust, says PINCKARDDRESS.COM.

  1. Embroidery

With its own voice in 2015, embroidery collections are made with gold or silver threads and collars with income, which mimic necklaces. Transparencies, belts, long sleeve and replace Brocade jewelry in the fabric of the dress.

  1. Princess

The sleeves a la Kate Middleton “will follow in full today, with dresses inspired by the model of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, with cute embroidered lace sleeve, V-neckline and skirt in the. The new versions of the dress have sleeves shorter alternatives and “French” sleeves, arriving to the forearm.

  1. Greek goddess

The Greco-Roman look appears inspired by the Greek mythological figures, with authentic “odes” the caryatids of the ancient temples and details inspired by goddesses such as Aphrodite, Athena or Persephone.