Top Sportswomen

Last week we emphasize on Saturday (March 8) as the International day of working women. Today from Uworkfit we’d like to do a review that we have qualified, “Top Ten women athletes”. Without a doubt, a long history, a great present and a very favorable future, lie to working women in a Top Ten of many other lists, but today, and because our purpose is Fitness, let’s talk about Women athletes.

Today we took as something natural and logical that women participate in the world of sport. However and unfortunately has not always been so. Long ago, we suffered an essentially male socio-political model in which the level of demand in terms of competences to reach the “same level” that a man was practically working Chinese for a woman. Fortunately, this has changed.

A curious fact: the participation of women in the Olympic Games of ancient Greece was only to Crown champions men. Single women could be a spectator in a tier separate from men. In the 33 celebration of the Olympic Games, women had their own games, called “Las Heras” (776 BC), which took place at the end of the Championships of men – lasted about a century.

The biological barriers, cultural, educational and other justifications esteriotipadas of why women should or not to participate in the sport are going to ignore them in this article. From our point of view, the woman is as able to perform and Excel in the sport as it is a man. We are left with an appointment of Juan A. Samaranch in 2000 during his presidency of the International Olympic Committee: “the woman at the Olympics?…” The Olympic movement is willing to that the 21st century marks the beginning of a new era for women in sport”.”

According to andyoutdoor, the increase in female participation in the Olympics was due primarily to several factors: sports policies favourable to women; correction of clauses in certain sporting events in terms of morphological, physiological and functional characteristics favourable to women; scientific studies; (more information about technology and sport) technological development and above all, the efforts of the own athletes.


From the pioneers to the most recent, from prejudice to the absolute courage. From Uworkfit, we highlight our Top females athletes -unnumbered, alphabetical by name:

Annika Sorestam (GOLF):

Removed from the world of sport in 2008, Sweden’s Annika Sorestam accumulated inmunerables titles and sports awards. In addition to being a female record of European Golf (93 tournaments won, including 10 Majors), she was champion of the Laurens Prize to the best athlete female in 2004.

Charlotte Cooper (tennis):

1900 Paris Olympics: first competition is open to women (though only to golf, crocket and tennis – something had to start!). Britain’s Charlotte Cooper, Champion at Wimbledon 12 times (first in 1895 and last in 1921) wins the 1900 tennis final becoming the first champion Olympic history.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (mountaineering):

Vertigo is not going with her. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has earned is respect and admiration of all athletes, regardless of their specialty. The Australian has been the first woman crowned the highest peaks without oxygen assistance. Without words.

Gemma Mengual (swimming):

In our particular top sweep for House: Gemma Mengual, although already removed from the world of sport is considered one of the best Spanish swimmers of all time. With its specialty, synchronized swimming, has crowned as sole swimmer in the world with 4 gold medals in European Championships. In addition, in 2008, during the Olympic Games of Beijing won two silvers in both Duet and team competition.

Jutta Kleinschmidt (auto-pilot of RALLY racing):

The 2001 Paris-Dakar RallyCrown German Jutta Kleinschmidt as first (and only) so far female champion in the category of cars. Piloting a Mitsubishi opened the way to numerous female victories in other Championships in this discipline: Laia Sánz (Trials), Danica Patrick (Indy Series), Elena Rosell (2 bike), etc.

Lucy Harris (basketball):

Lucy Harris, player of the New Orleans Jazz, won the silver medal at the 1976 Montreal games . He declined an offer with the NBA to be pregnant, but certainly his career marked a milestone in the history of basketball.

Marta Vieira da Silva (football):

The Brazilian was born to the ball, it is clear. Inmunerables achievements, titles and international distinctions have made this athlete a world soccer star. For five consecutive years it has been named best player of soccer on the planet after their international matches (2006-2010).

Mireia Belmonte (swimming):

World, European champion and Olympic runner-up… With 17 years compete in the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008), with 21 at the London (2012) where takes two silvers for its 200 m butterfly and 800 m freestyle.

Teresa Perales (Paralympic swimming):

He has won nothing more and nothing less than 22 Paralympic medals. It is recognised worldwide as the athlete with the most medals in the history of the Olympic Games together with Michael Phelps. TALENT.

Needless to say that you are are only a micro-example and that the list is endless. We remember Nadia Comăneci (RHYTHMIC gymnastics), Laila Ali (boxing), Marisa Rozalén (KARATE), Alice Coachman (high jump), Lilí Álvarez (TENIS-PATINAJE – MOTORING), Lisa Leslie (basketball), Lydia Skoblikova (skating), Manon Rehaume (HOCKEY)… and we stop because we have not just if not.