Tour of Hainan 2013 Cycling

From 20 to 28 October, 2013 was the Tour of Hainan ridden a bicycle race for professionals. Cycling races are often used to cities or regions? s increase awareness, to Hainan to be a popular holiday destination and the competition gets you every day in many countries every day in the news. The race was dominated by Team Belkin.


Hainan Island is an island that is part of China, it is in the Chinese mainland at the height of the Viet Nam. Hainan is the smallest province in China? almost as big as the Netherlands. The climate is tropical with its southern location.
The province has two priorities:

  • Hainan is a special economic zone. China wants to attract foreign investors by creating favourable conditions in special economic zones: tax breaks, free rein to foreign trade and minimal interference from the Chinese overhead. The island is a 25-year SEZ. China is not the only country with special economic zones, as many countries are trying to attract businesses
  • Tourism: on its Web site promotes the local Government on the island as an attractive destination for tourism and events such as the Miss World pageant and the World Toilet Summit.

The tour of Hainan

Cycling gave up competing is often used to promote cities or regions? s. Hainan to be a popular holiday destination, and the contest will each day in many countries every day in the news. The UCI can organize competitions all over the world to popularise cycling. One and one is two.
These competitions outside the traditional cycling Nations usually held before or after the season in Europe in countries like Argentina, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia and China. The round of Hainan is a serious round, 2014, almost 1500 km divided in 9 steps.

Team Belkin

The race was totally dominated by Belkin team?? the team formerly known as Rabobank??. Belkin manufactures and sells accessories for phones and tablets, and many other computers and networking products. The company has taken over sponsorship of the former Rabobank team in 2013. The purpose of the company is to increase awareness of the brand in Europe and Asia. In Europe we have succeeded well with half a year because of the good results of the team in the Tour de France.
The company provides spoke lights for bikes on its websites –, thankful for the team as a character?? see, e.g., China is a big market. Team manager Elijzen Belkin confirms that sponsor interest was important to participate in this round.

The Participants Field

As in other sports, cycling teams are divided into levels. UCI is at the highest level the UCI World Tour. Among the professional continental and continental teams. In football terms, League, division and amateur league. Is by far the most money on World Tour, the professional continental teams have fewer sponsors and riders should still will do, or at the end of his career, the third category is amateurs who for a pants and shirt ride-or just something more.
There are 18 World Tour team-Team Belkin was the only Word the Tour teams participating in the Tour of Hainan. The other teams were essentially continental teams from Europe, China, Taiwan and Australia-plus some professional continental teams.


With such participants to expect that Team Belkin would address most of the prices. And it came-dominating a better word: all nine stages plus the overall points standings, and the team was won by Team Belkin.
Moreno Hofland WINS and final points standings plus three steps, Theo Bos, a further six stages. The team also knows that when Teletext reported incorrectly that a rider from another team had won a stage, the team responded immediately on Twitter. Teletext was hastily put results from 2012 on their site …
Team manager Elijzen says that opponents were begging during the game to get a price for them …
Only the mountain classification escaped the gluttons of Belkin; It was for the pole Taciak.


It is rather to motivate the team at the end of the season, so they go there for nine long legs.Michiel Elijzen is a good leader who makes the atmosphere. But what must do all these victories? This field is expected to prevail for the Team not more than usual the Belkin. Whole and half the amateurs of the other teams can only consider the powerless. Hopefully the UCI is doing this year for a more balanced student.