Toys analyzed the magnifying glass

Twenty years playing, analyze and catalog toys guarantee the experience of Christopher Byrne, The Toy Guy “to create a site intended for advice on the best games for various ages, to which we advise a visit can become a good inspiration for this Christmas time.

most requests that children wrote in the letter to Father Christmas can be found at the Internet address of the “kind of toys”, with analyses where reportedly always a description of each product, the age of children for which it is intended and the reasons why these are going to like it, or not, of this.

However, since the site is American, you can also see here a few products that are not sold in Portugal, although this hypothesis is smaller, with the globalization of big brands that we have seen in this area too.

Finally, after the list is made and before committing excesses, read the article “The Gift of Perspective”, where the author looks at the fact that flooding the children presents they don’t attach any meaning. In addition, the Toy Guy points out how the events of September 11 and the wave of economic depression can and should change the way educators face the Christmas season and the importance of giving gifts as the knowledge and perspective of our humanity, that money can’t buy.

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