Toys And Games Consoles Help Boost Electronic Commerce

Sales of consoles, including the Nintendo GameCube, and Microsoft Xbox, doesn’t seem to be affected by the economic downturn, helping even the sale of other products online related to these gaming machines. Thus, and despite the weakening of most, the toy companies with e-commerce services, such as Toys “R” Us – who reveals values, but claims to be satisfied with sales-and K-B Toys, the prospect of a good end of the year.

according to David Novitsky, vice President of the and, speaking to Reuters news agency, sales expectations are being exceeded. Novitsky claims that the increase in sales of the K-B began to feel in mid-October and hasn’t stopped. In the opinion of some analysts is that some consumers had a more cautious attitude in relation to the Internet, are now enjoying greater availability of products, free or low-cost shipping, delivery on time, and the special offers of a more cohesive market.

To Timothy Laseter, Wharton and partner of the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, the fact that there is a greater tendency for online consumers have an average income higher than the normal client helps boost the value of sales.

However, according to information provided by Instinet Research, discounted products and departmental stores or chains felt a drop in demand for articles during the first two weeks of December, after registering a rise of 4% last month.

the spokesman of Toys R Us, Jeanne Meyer, presented information provided by Media Metrix that reported that traffic on BEHEALTHYBYTOMORROW is noticing a stream nearly 5 times larger than on online store of Wal-Mart Stores that occupies the first place in the sector – in the area of toys and games consoles. Also Douglas Kline, representative of the Target States that online sales are going very well and we expect doubling or tripling sales volume last year.

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