Toys Recommended By Age

Can you choose the best toys for ages? The game is a basic process in child development, which adapts to each stage of growth, providing little to acquire the abilities of each phase. That is why it is important to choose toy for ages.

The game can be free or directed, with toys or without them, according to behealthybytomorrow. The important thing is to allow the child to have enough space and time to experience all the benefits of playing. The game should be the main activity in theearly years of the child’s life.

It must take into account that the game not only sports and distracts the child, but it decisively contributes to their learning. But to teach, it is not necessary that it is considered educational toys. The child learns with all toys, since they stimulate different capacities.

Through play and toys, the children get to advance his personal maturity.

Toys For Learning

According to area of development that promote child, there are a few indicated toys, which you can choose, according to what interests deepen.

Toy becomes, thus, an element of help to overcome some of the difficulties of learning or to insist on the abilities of the child.

These are the types of toys in relation to development that promote, according to AIJU (technological Institute of toy).

Toy shows and fun for the child, but only when it’s a toy suitable for it and not imposed. If he is forced to play with something, the child will hardly experience the burden of pleasure that is associated with the game.

These are the guidelines for choosing toysproperly.

Age-appropriate. Toys tend to indicate the recommended age. It is not advisable to try to advance stages, buying toys for a higher age, unless the child has shown before clearly that it is able to assume the rules and operation of the toy. If little doesn’t look able to understand or enjoy the game, it will frustrate and toy function is lost. The child must be capable of meeting the challenge proposed by the game without too much effort.

Depending on your tastes. Every child has some interest and some marked skills. There are to be taken into account when choosing the toy because only in this way the child will have fun playing.

Insurance. All toys that are marketed in the European Union are subject to standards of quality that is certified by the CE logo. Buy at accredited sites and check that the toy is not dangerous for the child should.

Educationally successful. The toy must not transmit values sexist or racist or violent; in other words, all values that are not socially acceptable.

Stimulant. Toys must propose new challenges to the child, new learning, new forms of creativity. If toy is too complex, or do it all alone, is not stimulating and, certainly, the child will lose interest in it very soon.

Without imposing the adult criteria. In addition to the children’s preferences, you can choose other toys which, under the adult criteria, be attractive to promote other skills, but always without imposing them the child, because in this way it would lose its value fun and educational.

Not be carried away by advertising. It is important to monitor that the child does not have too many toys or lulled when choosing them only by advertising pressure. When it is, paradoxically, you can put an end to boring is.

During the first year of life, the child is a born Explorer. Perceptions that gets through the mouth, because the taste is a very developed sense are very important for him. It’s not enough with seeing things and touching them; often, you have to “try them”, as the gustatory sensation provides you a very relevant information for it.

During those months you manipulate objectslike: catch them, throw them down to check the laws of cause and effect, how sound, take them to the mouth to test his taste… It also begins to move crawling or crawling, what considerably expands its horizons of interaction. In this way he begins to take the initiative by contacting nearby people and the environment.

For him, everything is new, though, in their first months of life, what attracts him is to be with his mother or anyone else of attachment, it is this which gives you the best stimulus. At his side, feel safe and secure; in fact, in the first months of life baby believes that his mother and he are the same person.

Toys For Babies

In this first stage of their development, most appropriate baby toys are those that allow you to experiment with different textures and which stimulate him the ability to move. Adults will have to act as intermediaries, because babies at this age have no initiative to play on their own.

Is desirable that the toys are of contrasting colors. If they include melodies, these should be glad and not strident. The Repertoire of toys presenting himself to the child has to be limited, because their interests are also. Security, deserves special mention in this age range is, particularly important, so you have to completely ensure that the toy complies with all quality standards.

At age two, the small leaves from being a baby to be called child. Most likely, this period coincides with the start of the school stage. Develop new skills and abilities, such as language and socialization, allowing a more fluid communication with the environment, with other adults with children his age.

The child begins to live more aware of the outside, likes to imitate adults, and starts in the symbolic play.However, while it acquires more and more independence, the paternal presence, is essential also during the game. No claim, therefore, that the child learns to play alone, since it needs to be with elders also in your leisure moments.

As their motor skills have improved much, you can now better manipulate certain types of toys. In addition, learning to walk does scroll with autonomy, so that its scope is much broader.

1 to 3 year-olds enjoy much playing everyday scenes of everyday life of adults. Like to experience new sensations and as their learning capacity is high, the game can contribute to very positively encourage their skills and their development.

Although, especially around age 3, may seem that risks have disappeared, it is not so. You have to continue taking caution in conditions of safety of toys, because the risk of suffocation from swallowing small parts of toys is still there. If the toy indicates that it is not suitable for children under 3 years (or 36 months), should not be a child.

From age 3, when the vast majority of children is now school, begins the phase of the child autonomy.

The child feels more able to do it all by itself and evolves into physical, cognitive and social development. Enter your life friends. Until now, the relationship with the rest of the children was somewhat distant. They played “near” children, but not with them. It is what is called parallel play. But in this new stage, everything is different and if they relate to playful form peers.

This age child is aware of that has many more abilities and is rather self-centered, which can lead to certain struggles for power with their playmates.

Their language has evolved considerably; It can already express themselves to higher levels, allowing you to organize the game. Motor skills have also improved much.

Toys For Children 3 To 6 Years

That can move like toys the child from 3 to 6 years which reinforces their sense of autonomy.

Starting at age 4 he began to host their games. From age 4, but closer to 5, can participate in games of very simple rules, based on a manual skill (for example, fish little fish by shift).

Now you can engage in more complex constructions that are not simply stackable. Thanks tobuilding games, the child exercises his concentration and his logical reasoning. In addition, it stimulates their spatial organization and the hand-eye coordination skills. It is a very good game type to promote self-esteem.

In addition, it is important to choose toys that respond to emerging interests.

6 to 9 year-old child begins to disperse its interest in many fields. Feels more and more competent to perform tasks, supported in their verbal ability to express themselves, communicate and share experiences, which increases their self-esteem.

At this age, the child begins to develop his creativity.Likes to be expressed through objects that performs the same, whether on the basis of a model or free-form. Thanks to its capacity of concentration, the child can stay much more time focused on a game or toy, like a puzzle.

Feel very attached to other children and share with them their games, but it also strives to be above them.There are many competitive and likes to be the first.

Toys For Children 6 To 9 Years

Games rules allow the child internalize a set of social rules to interact with others (respect, wait the turn…), are, therefore, a perfect candidate for these ages. In addition, standards toys stimulates the development of care and help the child to tolerate frustration.

Between 6 and 9 years old they already tend to ask for video games. Toys are not good or bad in itself; This quality depends on the use that is given. Therefore, if parents decide to give your child a video game, they will have to control rigidly the child use of it. Limit the time spent on video games and share this moment with them. The game must be adapted to their age. A controlled use of video games can be positive at times, as when the child needs to download their aggressiveness.

From the age of 9, the child lives very important changes in your body, your mind and your emotions while approaching adolescence. It is a time of great changes.

In this last period of his childhood begins to look atadult models, for this reason, the example of the family is essential. Parents continue to be your reference, but increasingly he feels closer to friends and his involvement with the Group grows. It will at the same time, forging their own identity to others.

He lives the feelings with great intensity. It is time that starts to define interests and engaged them with insistence. Attract you, especially, games andcreative toys that can give free rein to its originality.

Toys For Children Over 9 Years

In general, children are decanted activities involved movement, and the girls, in which other quieter.

Through play, parents can better connect with their children. It is highly recommended to spend some time in family Boardgames. In the more relaxed atmosphere, parent-child relations are developing fluency.

Although it is very likely that the child manifest that does not interest you more than one type of toys, such as video games, it is convenient to emphasize that you should try other recreational products.