Tuft and Cut Hairstyle

The forelock is timeless, so used at all times. Who doesn’t remember that beautiful (sic) hairstyle of Ronaldinho in 2002? Even that forelock has become fashionable among young people. But, don’t worry. The Tufts of today are much better.

We’ve been here that the undercut is one of the most famous haircuts of the season. That’s because it is very versatile and can be combed in a variety of ways, among them the cowlick, which promises to be very successful.

There are actually two Tufts that will be on the rise. One of them is the cowlick with the undercut. Hair shaved on the side and with much volume on top of the head. In this style, the machine used on the sides is used at most in the EHEALTHFACTS.

While the other topknot of the moment is completely different. The name is cowlick pompadour. Originally a women’s hairstyle, won the men’s head, literally, in the 50. In this hairstyle, the hair is big on top, where it forms the tuft, and on the sides, slicked back. Two great examples of this are in music: Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. But, if you want some more recent, we can remember the Luan Santana.

These two models of tuft that are doing a lot of success in menswear are evidence that the topknot is one of the most versatile cuts. He can bring a very modern style, as the Court undercut, or retro, like the pompadour toupee.

Use the male tuft without fear this season. He is very versatile and combines with all styles of face.