Twitter Starts Sending Weekly Summary of Tweets by Email

If you do not have time to spend all day on social networks or the internet decided to take vacation for a few days, the new feature of Twitter should be very welcome. From now, the service will begin sending an email containing everything that happened more important in the past week.

The summary contains the news that most resonated in your timeline. The issues that come to your email are nothing more than the most commented stories of service; they can be viewed at any time by tab Discover the web interface, which I accessed three or four times since launch.

Messages with more retweets will also be included in the weekly summary and show not only the tweets of your friends, but also the people who follow your friends. That is, the suggestions are customized for each user and use them only depends on your network of contacts.

The news is being distributed gradually and will be available to all users over the coming weeks. Who does not want the weekly summary can disable sending emails on page Notifications Twitter.