Types of Fitness in Physical Education

The range of gyms in Netherlands is high. This is a logical consequence of the rise in popularity of fitness.Fitness does not, however, end up just running on a treadmill or repeatedly lifting a weight. There is much more behind, and for the serious athletes is to control the correct theory is important. What most athletes do not know is this fact four types of training occurs in the gym. Each workout has a separate results.


This method of education is mainly used to build more muscle mass. Therefore, it is the most well known form of education among body builders. Definition of muscle, therefore, is a side issue, it applies to the volume of the muscles. To practice mass are few repetitions made for each exercise, but they are well practiced with heavy weights.
An important point in the education of the masses is that there needs to be at a slow pace as you perform the exercise, and this must be carried out also very controlled. Control means that there is a correct attitude should be taken in the exercise. So that only the right muscles are trained. Breaks between the exercises must not be more than 1.5 to 2 minutes.
In this form of education is a result of practicing the body’s reserves are converted to muscle mass.It is therefore important not to do too much to heart when mass is trained. This fact will ensure that there is no or less body reserves for muscle building.

Dry training

Dry the train is in contrast to the mass train focus on combustion of bodyfat. While work on dry rail, therefore, not to adjust the volume of the muscles, but the definition of the muscle. With this type of training many repetitions done especially with lower weight.
Rest and regular breaks are in this type of motion No. A brisk pace in it must be to maintain the heartbeat and thereby optimize the combustion process. Because of this high, it is important to have a good position and posture. Otherwise, there is a chance to run at a loss.

Strength training

The primary purpose of strength training speaks for itself, namely to improve muscle strength.Definition of muscle and the volume of the muscle here is not important. This form of education is similar to weight training as it mainly low reps with heavy weights. The difference is that repeat itself must be carried out in different ways.
At the bench press is a repetition of example operates from you from the bar with the weight, and then lower the bar just above the chest. In the exercise of power, it is important that, when compressed, so at the beginning of the iteration, is a good speed and power forced. This is also called the explosive perform an exercise. Lowering the rod does not happen more explosive, but just very calm and controlled. Because of the effects of exercise can be in this type of training also held in between each exercise a few minutes rest.