Types Of Motorbike Gloves

In this post we will discuss the types of motorbike gloves, so you can choose which best suits your needs.

Gloves part of the basic biker clothing, along with the jacket and the helmet. It is important to be clear, in situations to going them to use, city, road, off road, for that season of the year and that budget have.

It is very important to choose gloves being aware that they are one of the most important elements of our security, protect the hand, fingers, knuckles and wrists.

We do not want to say that you have to buy the market more rigid glove not!hands are one of the key elements of the driving, you must be comfortable and protected without sacrificing mobility.

In short, you have to choose your material, the protections that are incorporated, and the type of riding that you are going to make.


There are two types of skin and textile.


It is characterized for being durable and resistant to abrasions. It is a comfortable material and used to be the favourite of motorists, however it is more expensive materials. There are different types of beef, Kangaroo, leather…


It is cheaper than the skin, and there are different types.

Cordura (type of nylon) waterproof outdoor, offers an excellent resistance to abrasion and the tear.

G ore-Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex membrane ensures a very high impermeability to water, as well as a great breathability and resistance to wear.

D-Dry, membrane hydrophilic which ensures an optimum impermeability to water and air, high transpiration, which allows the evaporation of sweat.

WINDSTOPPERpolyester and polyamide completely waterproof windproof and highly breathable, offering great comfort.


The purpose of the gloves is the protect the hands fall and the weather.You have to keep in mind if your palms, fingers and wrists are protected. There are fashion those covering only half of the finger, especially when summer comes, however, they are not highly recommended, since half of phalanges left unprotected.

You should check that the gloves are perfectly adjusted, and protections to allow you a good mobility.

We advise them to be better a little tight to make them baggy, gloves depending on the material they are made, also can give Yes.

Comfort and design

During the trip on a motorcycle, use your hands to control conduction, therefore once initiated the March, the gloves should fit well, you must feel comfortable and you have to be able to access the throttle, the handle brake or clutch without problem, there are models that have a tether strap to tie them to the dolls so not slide in case of accident.

You must analyze the manufacture, the seams (they are well done), the filler (non-dancing), and the material of the palms and wrists is tough and elastic.

Types of gloves

Winter Gloves

Winter gloves tend to be thicker summer gloves, is therefore normal that they remaining sensitivity in comparison.

Hands is one of the parts of the body that receive greaterexposure to the inclement weather, cold, rain, or both at the same time, so winter gloves are gloves of very long shank, with adjustments in the wrist, with guards, and composed of impermeable materials.

Summer Gloves

With the arrival of the heat, many biker comment the mistake of leaving completely bare hands.

There are on the market a wide range of gloves, thin and light,  both leather and textile, as well as perforated to improve ventilation, which also include protections. They are fine materials that guarantee a perfect touch but also lower resist abrasion.

Urban Gloves

Urban gloves are those designed for driving in city, which is characterized by driving at low speed and with great hands intervention to brake and accelerate. Therefore, gloves are lightweight, comfortable, with little protection, manufactured short cane in leather or textile, and that are easy to apply and remove.

Off-Road Gloves

The purpose of the gloves off road are the practice of enduro or motocross. They are very light gloves, with few protections or reinforcements, material textile and very airy. On-road are not recommended for driving.

Sport Gloves

Made material very resistant (skin), they are the more technical and have different protections that offer the maximum safety and knuckles, fingers, Palm and wrist, carbon fiber or titanium. They sacrifice convenience for security, although with its use are molded into the hands of the driver.

When We Want To Multipurpose Gloves.

We refer to versatile, those gloves designed for motorists looking for gloves for all season and climate. They are characterized by being practical and usable, and are designed to carry them in how warm cold climates.

They can be manufactured both in leather and textile, is a term average, lighter than winter gloves but thicker than a summer.They are media, with adjustments cane, and often incorporate protections on knuckles and fingers not very prominent to not remove comfort.

We hope that this blog entry, I was of utilitdad, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any query that you may have and you know…