UGG Boots: Fashion Essentials to Feel Good

These boots are absolutely unmistakable !

Whether it is a style pro or a fashion muffle: there are only a few fashionable must-haves that have such a recognition value as the UGG boots of the cult brand UGG Australia – these popular treks everyone knows!

The cuddly companions have had an unprecedented, global success train since the beginning of the Nuller years and are now found in every well-equipped shoe collection. Experience everything you need to know about the comfortable It-Pieces and discover the great variety of the casual UGG universe!

UGG Boots: A shoe conquers the world

Although the iconic must-haves in the international fashion scene excited only at the beginning of the millennium turn, the history of the UGG boots actually goes back one hundred years. According to iamhigher, the comfortable lambskin boots first appeared in the 1920s in Australia and New Zealand, where they were first worn mainly by farmers . The exact origin of today’s legendary design, remains controversial to this day.

The fact is that the casual shoe model reaches the Australian surf scene in the 70s, where it finally gets the attention of Brian Smith.

The passionate rider recognizes the great potential of the comfortable treads. In 1978 the young man traveled to the west coast of the USA and founded Brand UGG Australia.

It does not take long before the practical boots get their first successes and talk about themselves .

The big breakthrough, however, will not be released until the year 2000 as the talk show legend Oprah Winfrey presents UGG Boots in their show. What follows is an unprecedented hype that continues today. The cuddly boots are suddenly on everyone’s lips and are sighted at the feet of international celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leonardo DiCaprio . And even more than that: the shoes advance from casual casual wear to coveted high-end pieces, which are even praised in time-honored fashion publications such as the Vogue. Today, UGGs belong to every well-stocked wardrobe.

The secret of the cult treads is as simple as it is ingenious: the high-quality lambskin from which each model is made allows the feet to breathe and warm them at the same time. This makes the boots suitable for warm days, as well as for cool temperatures and can be used all year round . The shoes also have an incomparable wearing comfort, which makes them real favorite items for every day. These iconic classics are guaranteed to make a difference in the future!

UGG Boots: The wide assortment of UGG Australia

Due to their continued popularity, UGG Boots are now available in a wide variety of different designs . If you are still looking for your own personal favorite model, you have now the great pain of choice.

For example, the boots are no longer only available in classic, semi-and ankle-high versions, but also in modern knee-high designs.

In addition, you have the choice between different colors, ranging from the typical earth nuances like sand and anthracite to bright wow tones.

Extravagant fashionistas can now even perform glittering sequins to UGGs. There are also watertight and lined models, which are particularly suitable for the cold months.

The flat classics now also show up with Heels in an extra cool Chelsea variant. My personal favorites for autumn!

A tip: The mother-brand of the cult pieces now also creates high-quality loungewear, which is no less cozy and casual .If the relaxed well-being pieces have passed before you, you should urgently take a look at the current collection!

By the way: If you want to have many seasons to enjoy your fashion essentials, then you should maintain your loyal companions absolutely properly. Since lambskin is a very sensitive material, you should consider a few things while cleaning the shoes . Cleans the classics under no circumstances in the washing machine. Use stains instead of a cleaner specially designed for the textile and treat the boots carefully with the hand.

Do not let the boots dry near radiators or in the blazing sun! The intense heat radiation can make the leather porous . Work the dried shoe with a nubuck brush and always keep it in one direction – this is how you re-align the fibers and the it pieces look like new!