Unboxing The LG Optimus 2 X (P-990), Lowering Costs

If you are expecting to have more information about the Optimus 2 X to buy it, this is your lucky day since we have made their unboxing video. Some tell me that it was time to retire to my Magic will have reason, the truth that what they’ve been using this piece of device, I’ve been impressed enough, and it is not for less is the first dual-core market.

The LG Optimus 2 X competes directly with the new and powerful Samsung Galaxy S2, being this most powerful and having LG that compete on price. Why is remarkable reducing costs that have made in the included accessories, like for example that does not bring a case or computer data cable is used in conjunction with the charger.

Even so, the packaging is at the height of the device and the device is at the level of the competition, even when this is over as far as power is concerned, the great asset of the LG Optimus 2 X is its price, and that should be noted in some way.

See video | YouTube
Engadget Android | Video analysis of the LG Optimus 2 X

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