Underwear Brand Discover New Ways to Wear Strappy Bra

With the tropical climate and the fashion of wearing clothes with bras appearing, the strappy bra, with the various straps that form peculiar geometric designs on the skin, won the most fashionable wardrobe. “A trend that has certainly come to stay, the strip bra is a boon in the summer, as it helps to compose the look with a nice production and ends the woman’s concern with the loops appearing,” comments Carla Terra, stylist of the brand LaniclÊ Lingerie Of Juruaia.

The idea of ​​a multipurpose strappy bra, that is, that gives possibility to form varied designs and use with more generous necklines without falling into the vulgarity, was the great inspiration of Laniclê for the summer of this year. “Laniclê’s multi-purpose strappy bra model pleased us a lot. Since we launched it in September, sales of the product exceeded our expectations, “says Cleuza Ferreira, owner-owner of the brand

With the success of the piece, the brand launched a challenge to consumers of this model: create different possibilities of wearing the underwear at RuizeSolar. “We’ve come up with 20 different ways to use this piece. But our salespeople have discovered that this number may be much higher. The challenge is to make the user creative and show us these discoveries, “explains Terra.

Participating in the challenge is easy: the user submits a photo with the new creation by WhatsApp (35) 99216-3456. “The image will be published in the fanfiction of Laniclê and the most creative model will win a surprise gift”, ends Terra.