Usain Bolt Career Highlights

Jamaican Usain Bolt has made a unique performance at the World Championships in Berlin in August 2009 for the second time. He won both the King numbers, 100 and 200 meter sprint in a world record time. The same trick later, he was already at the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. Its performance reminiscent of the heyday of Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis.Because of his young age, it is likely that he will further tighten these world records.

Usain Bolt som junior

The tall Usain Bolt was born August 21, 1986 in the Jamaican Trelawny. He is 1.96 meters tall. Usain Bolt began in his youth with the 200 meters sprint. In which discipline he won world titles at junior level. In 2004 he participated in the 200 meter sprint at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, after earlier the same year the first junior, at its 17th, 200 meters set for 20 seconds. But in Athens he played no significant role.

World Athletics Championships 2007

Just a few years later, his obvious talent for the 100 meter sprint. At the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, the Jamaican 4×100 meters relay team, which includes Bolt, second after the United States. The Jamaican team was also the former world record holder in the 100 meters: Asafa Powell. Meanwhile Championships Usain Bolt was second in the 200 meters, behind American winner Tyson Gay, in a time of 19.91 seconds.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

In the Olympic year 2008, the world really knows sprint phenomenon Usain Bolt. On 3 May 2008, he ran 100 meters is already in the second fastest time ever, 9.76 seconds, while Jamaica International. Later that month, on 31 May, he finally breaks the record of his compatriot on a Grand Prix. He is a favorite for the Olympic sprint title is launched.He does that role entirely true.
In Beijing, Bolt won the triple at 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 meters. He was not the first success. Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis before him. Bolt was the first three Olympic titles sealed with a world record. The Jamaican relay team set a new world record time of 37.10 seconds down. Bolt also broke the 12 year old record of Michael Johnson, won at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, with two seconds: 19:30 seconds each Bolt end August 20, 2008.

World Athletics Championships 2009

Usain Bolt made in Berlin to repeat the triple from Beijing. The 100 and 200 meter sprints were won with world record phenomenal respectively 9.58 and 19.19 seconds. The latter was laid down exactly one year after Beijing.With apparent ease and visibly relax the competition was a great distance. Bolt’s world record in the construction of 200 meters ran four fairly regular blocks: 5.60 seconds for the first 50 meters. Its top speed was in the second block of 50 meters, 4.32 seconds, followed by 4.52 seconds and 4.75 seconds. Jamaicans won the 4×100 meters, but 37.31 seconds meant no world record. Aside from Steve Mullings was the same team as in 2008.

9.48 seconds in the 100 meters sprint?

For his record in the 100 meters in Berlin, Bolt had exactly 41 steps needed. His average speed was 44.72 mph. The American researcher Mark Denny of Stanford University calculated that a time of 9.48 seconds in the offing. The new world record in the 100 meters also means a change in trend since 16 October 1968. After this date, the average speed on the world record holder in the 200 meters higher than the holder of the world record in the 100 meters. But Usain Bolt was also Jesse Owens by simultaneously both distance world record. Jesse Owens held both positions from 12 July 1936 to 22 June 1940. Bolt is now considering to participate in the long jump. Since the heyday sprinter Carl Lewis has no more risky to it.
World 100m sprint through the years