Use of Apple Watch

How can you make phone calls using the Apple Watch? What can the maps app for the wrist, what the music player? And how can it talk with Siri? Apple answers all these questions in four new introductory videos. The clips show an aspect of the Apple Watch with a number of possibilities in little more than a minute.

The voice-controlled Assistant Siri is probably self-most feature of the Apple Watch. If the display of the watch is turned on, she stops to addressed directly your commands with a “Hey”Siri and executes. Alternatively, you can press and hold also the digital Crown start Siri – so how you would – press the home button on the iPhone 6 and co. and speak commands in your watch as Michael Knight in “Knight Rider”.

Apple Watch and iPhone in Exchange

Also the clip to the phone function of the Apple Watch remains as the Siri video. Unexpectedly, you will receive a phone call, you can reject him directly on the watch, without whip out your iPhone – or him also take and make calls over loudspeakers and microphone of the wearables. The two remaining videos, however, concentrate on the interaction with the digital LED watches reviewed on

So, the wearable can almost serve as a remote control for the music app – what Apple in iOS 8.4 incidentally part rolls around – the iPhone stowed in your pocket. But you can save music on the Smartwatch itself. The cards apps on iPhone and Apple Watch synchronize your current route directly to each other, so that you can switch from one to the other device at any time. The videos go like the first four clips of the video tour of course much further detail and show some features more. Best even look at them.