Valentine’s High Voltage

To commemorate the magic of love, best gift to the pleasure to share with your partner. Attentive to the spicier Bazaar.


If you are one of those that flee from the traditionalism and want to surprise your partner with a romantic night in which sensuality, eroticism and passion are also invited, it remains watchful, because these proposals for Valentine put thermometers Al rojo vivo.

A treasure of love, a joint lingerie that will make you lose consciousness, sex toys to have fun as a couple and to innovate between sheets are some of the proposals to celebrate Valentine’s day without leaving home.


Recreates scenes from the most romantic, enlivened the atmosphere with the more intimate songs, get a film scenario and let your imagination fly. There are moments that are priceless and especially when love enters the game.


But certainly, there is nothing more infallible than sheathing in a cheatings, in a set of lingerie that put heart. Team up to red, the color of love and eroticism and play with the senses. That Yes, to feel comfortable, bet by which promote designs and with those who really feel sexy, sensual and seductive.


Looking for more ideas? We invite you to stroll through our most romantic Valentine’s day Bazaar 30 proposals await you and inspire you to surprise your partner.