Video “David After Dentist” Generated 150,000 for Family

If you still doubt that a viral video on the internet can bring fame and fortune also, no doubt more. According to report from Business Insider site, the DeVore family has earned more than $ 150,000 since the video David After Dentist reached viral status. In the video (posted below) David appears making faces and mouths to be anesthetized with gas used after dental surgery.

The responsible for writing and publishing the video was the father of David (which by the way is also called David). He decided to activate the partnership system with YouTube when the video has the mark of 3 million views. According to DeVore, 100,000 of the total came directly from this partnership. The rest of the revenue came from the sale David boy’s image licensing and appearances in commercials.

David’s father, also was not with all the money you received throughout the year. He donated a total of 8000 for the church family, David’s school (the child) to the responsible dentist and charity action OperationSmile.

The video was originally published in January 2009 and the channel used to publish it attracts between 100 and 125 thousand views per day.