Vintage Toys Decor

  • Wooden toys
    Considered more aesthetic and better than plastic, wood is back in the world of toys.You will not have trouble finding cubes to learn to read and count or stacking rings, so emblematic of stimulating games, in trade.
  • Old Toys Mom and Dad
    is not absolutely necessary to look far to find toysvintage . Your parents have certainly kept the favorites from your childhood objects in a corner of the attic.Then open the trunk and memories back out your old tape recorder, your carpet small car or your first waking tray for the benefit of your children. In turn playing with the trinkets that have accompanied you all these years.

  • Toys That have not been toys
    Your cupboards are full of antique toys like SPORTSQNA, but you do not see the usefulness too.It’s time to take them out and give them a new life in your child’s room.This old postcards to display for example, was recycled rotating library of enlightenment books. On the wall, an old map will also be the starting scenarios fabulous game.

Hoi Ning Wong

  1. Accessories for dolls
    Instead of breaking the bank by buying the full panoply that goes with the doll your daughter, build him a customized dressing recovered from accessories.This small cabinet, for example, is a nice way to store all doll clothing while incorporating the piece of decoration.
  2. Dinettevintageand colorful
    We all have in mind the image oftea time fantasy where all stuffed animals and dolls of the chamber are invited. A dinette vintage , like the small cups very 70s look, will make these even more special moments. They also complement the decor of the room by their colorful appearance and aesthetics.
  3. A small cabinet revived day
    your child is growing at full speed, the furniture in his room will therefore have to evolve with it.Opt for a budget solution and give new life to furniture recovered for arranging space.A simple brushstrokes modernize such a wicker chair while preserving its look vintage . You can also cover a schoolboy chair wallpaper to personalize it further.
  4. secondhand room
    Like china, then assume your passion to the end.Create a consistent rustic decor in your child’s room and use only furniture and antiques.Simply cleaned and preserved in their juice, they give character to the room.YOU?
    Did you get old charm toyvintage for your children?