Vizio Unveils Ultra HD Series M with Dolby Vision and Android Tablets

Vizio announced a new series of displays for home cinema use. The Series M is placed in the next lower range to the P series, which resume various features. First of all, it confirms the absence of tuners, which is why we talk about display and TV. The panels are all LCD VA (Vertical Alignment) Full Array LED with local dimming. The difference between the M and P is given by the number of zones to control the backlight independently: M series displays come with 32 or 64 zone, depending on the model.

The sizes available are 6:50 “, 60”, 65 “, 55”, 70 “and 80”. The resolution is the same for all: Ultra HD. The 50 “offers 32 areas of local dimming, motion compensation Clear Action 360, connectivity, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 the, two USB ports and four HDMI inputs. From the 55 “up to 64 local dimming areas, while from 60” improves motion compensation, which becomes Clear Action 720, and adding a fifth HDMI input.

The M series supports High Dynamic Range (HDR according to technology both as HDR10 and as Dolby Vision “Smart” features are handled by the V8 Octa-Core processor. Just as with the P series, these new Vizio displays offer the SmartCast, a different approach in the management of Smart TV. The control system consists of a double unit: it gives a simple remote control and a6-inch tablet with 720 p resolution. The tablet has a quad-core processor, 8 GB of memory for storing applications and a charging cradle. The OS is Android.

The interface is then moved mostly on the tablet (as opposed to appearing on TV), which also allows you to use Google Cast (for streaming content directly on the display). Alternatively you can download the SmartCast app for iOS and Android devices, so you transform any smartphone or tablet into a remote control.