Vuelta Ciclista a España 2014 Etapa 2

On Sunday, August 24th 2014 will be held the second stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2014. At the beginning of this trip is in Algeciras and ends in San Fernando. These two sites are located in Andalusia. What course of this stage look like? What are the chances for fans in this tour? What are the favorites to win the stage? Through which channels are the second stage of the Tour of Spain on the live TV broadcast?

Starting point: Algeciras

Algeciras is a city in southern Spain. This place is close to Gibraltar. Algeciras has over one hundred thousand inhabitants and is one of the largest port cities in Spain. The place where today is the city of Algeciras, has always had a strategic importance. Algeciras is based in Gibraltar and is therefore both a connection point between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and also a place where one boat in Europe can quickly travel to North Africa. For these reasons, many centuries before Christ was already an important port for the Phoenicians.
Centuries later, this place was also an important port for the Moors. It was at that time the Arabic name Al-Jazira Al Hadra, which literally means ?? the green peninsula?? mean. From the first words of the old Arabic name, Al Jazeera, later the place name Algeciras is derived. As a reminder of the Moorish period in Algeciras include a statue of the famous chalk Mr. Ibn Abi Amir.

Finish Plats: San Fernando

The finish of the second stage of the 2014 Vuelta a España in San Fernando. This municipality is that of Algeciras, in the autonomous region of Andalusia, as in the extreme south of Spain. San Fernando has nearly 100,000 inhabitants and an area of 31 square kilometers. This city actually carries only the name of San Fernando, but because it both in Spain and in Latin America and Asia, many more cities with the same name, they call this place mostly San Fernando, Cadiz, with Cádiz the designation province where this place is.
San Fernando and Cadiz province plays an important role in the Spanish history: the conquest of Napoleon San Fernando belonged to the only part of Spain that does not surrender to the French.

Route, Schedule and Preview

The start of this phase is to 13u25. This step is a total of 174.4 kilometers. The finish is expected around 05:45.This second stage of the Vuelta 2014 is a relatively flat ride. The biggest obstacle for the day is a climb called the Alto del Calibroto, a keel of the third category, riders must climb by 10.2 kilometers. There are two intermediate sprints included in this scene: after 77.5 kilometers, there is a sprint at Vejer de la Frontera and after 145.7 km, there is a sprint in Puerto de Santa Maria. Partly because the riders in the finals of the unit for a long time along the coast of the unit, there is a serious risk to the fans at this stage.

Next step

The next stage in the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2014 stage Cadiz-Arcos de la Frontera. More information on all the other rides in the Vuelta in 2014 can be found in the article on the schedule tours of the Vuelta 2014.