Wall Stickers for Children’s Room

Colorful, fun and flashy. With cheerful floral patterns, sweet animals of the forest or of the most beloved cartoon characters. The wall stickers Children bring a wave of joy in the bedroom of the smallest, a cozy nest in which to play, rest, do homework… in a word, growth. Register for free on Dalani and discover our wide selection of wall decals for children, desks, high chairs, beds and everything you need for children’s room! Love your home!

 Wall stickers for kids: color and sparkle on the walls

Renew the walls of the small room of your child has never been so easy and fun! Through the wall stickers for more colorful and funny kids, you can donate nuances and vivid borders of style and give a twist  completely back to the room! Ideal not only to give an original touch to the room, but also to make bath time much more fun: according to A2ZWALLSTICKERS, the wall stickers for children in the bathroom captivate everyone, from the smallest to the largest. Sheep, ducks and teddy bears for children, superheroes, elves and fairies for older children… wall decals for children open the doors of the room to the imagination and of carefree playtime!

Wall decals for kids: practicality and color

Your children are tired of the usual white walls of a small room always the same? Dazzle them with delicate and colorful wall stickers for children who illuminate the entire environment, creating a lively focal point that will thrill your kids and all their little friends. Each guest will be pleasantly surprised by this nice detail: through six simple wall decals for kids succeed in giving life to a white wall or a small room a little ‘anonymous, creating an environment alive and personal. It ‘very important to ensure that the environment in which they live their children may be more comfortable and reassuring. E’soprattutto during the night, in fact, that the smallest need of accessories and objects that are able to become a shield against the fears and wall decals for children seem to be the best solution, especially if you opt for fluorescent ones. It ‘important to fill the room colors, relaxing and amusing landscapes so that even the smallest accessories can become a leisure and entertainment reason.

Wall stickers for kids: a touch of art to suit all tastes

If your puppy is fond of astronomy and dreams of going into space in the day, an idea might be to choose among children wall stickers, fluorescent stars that shine and glow in the dark in your child’s room! But you know, babies are beautiful precisely because they change their mind every day, if not even ten times in the same day, so maybe tomorrow will want to become divers or go horse riding and you will end up the small room full of wall stickers for children in the form of fish or horses. The advantage of wall stickers for children lies, precisely, in their versatility: easy to apply and remove from walls leave no trace and are very easy to replace. Moreover they are also easy to clean, just a damp cloth and any shade will go away. In an instant you will have created the perfect retreat for afternoons of  gossip and confidences, without forgetting the style.

Wall decals for kids: for him and her

The variety of stickers  murals for children is endless: you can choose the shape, color and size you prefer, to give to the whole environment a neat appearance and very original. For girls the green light to stickers  wall in shades of pink and magenta with silhouettes butterflies delicate, sweet little hearts or a wreath with their name, to make them feel real princesses. For the small home, instead, opt for the wall decals for children with colorful animals dancing on the wall or a skyline with skyscrapers and airplanes. For the little ones are perfect those fluorescent : with the light will be invisible, but when darkness sets, the entire room will be illuminated by delicate little stars and planets that also keep you company for those who have fear of the dark. Who is looking for original furnishings can not choose the stickers murals for children to apply around the switches to light, to create a nice detail that you remember your children to always turn off the chandelier. Finally, let’s not forget the stickers wall Children metro shaped, indicating the height in centimeters and measure the growth of your children with joy. And if you get tired of stickers or if your kids have outgrown? No problem, you can simply remove them gently from the wall and you have a blank canvas like new!

How they are made wall decals for kids?

Wall decals for kids are usually made of adhesive vinyl, self-adhesive or PVC plastic: these stickers do not contain silicone and can be attached and detached easily from any surface, including wood, wallpaper, plastic or directly from the wall. In addition, these wall decals for kids perfectly resistant to moisture, heat and are also easy to clean, to ensure maximum cleaning even in the bedrooms of children. The wall stickers are usually supplied in a kit made up of more adhesives, where we want to recreate the preferred composition, playing fantasy. An extra concept is to involve children in the implementation of wall decals for kids: in this way will have fun learning something new, in a simple and intuitive and will give a really personal touch to their bedroom. Moreover, in case you decide to change the model, and to apply other wall decals for children can do so with extreme ease and without leaving any marks on the wall.

How to apply wall stickers for kids?

How to apply wall stickers for kids? Anyone can do it! However, there are some details that should be taken into account. It is very important that the instructions are followed step by step and in the right order:

  • to avoid causing confusion, the ideal would be to recreate the design on the floor so you can see the effect of wall stickers for children in preview;
  • once you have decided which wall decorate, just grab wall stickers for children on the one hand, remove the protective filmand place it against the wall, then it helps to place it at the right level, and making sure not to leave bubbles;
  • the same procedure will be followed for all the other elements to be applied, taking care to reproduce the design sketched on the floor.

Whatever the chosen design, all wall stickers children have one thing in common: they will become part of the lives of children and will be the first thing you will see every time the light will illuminate the room. Be inspired by the proposals of Dalani: a playful and colorful world awaits you, with wall stickers for children and many other accessories for the bedroom of the home puppies!