Wardrobe Essentials Trousers

It’s a while since we began our series the closet, intended as a knowledge-base for those who want to build a good basic wardrobe. Since a basic wardrobe is something you should feel at home in, and include pieces that you can combine into many diverse ensembles differ of course preferences apart from person to person. Our basic wardrobe is therefore directed towards casual wear for ordinary people and even though not all suits you we still hope it will be an aid in the construction of your wardrobe.
The Pant is one of the items we can use most frequently without the surroundings start to react to that to wear the same garments from day to day. A good pair of basic trousers should fit many creations and can therefore not be seen as especially funny or inspiring items to purchase. Jeans rampage on the market in recent years has made many trouser set exclusively consist of jeans and nothing else. Enough that one can consider themselves to be “jeans and t-shirttypen”, but all are still served by a breadth of offerings and options need not at all mean that you dress stiff and boring.

When it comes to pants, it has relatively great freedom of choice in terms of price. Many standard models are available in all price ranges and then it’s up to yourself to evaluate where you want to add a mass-produced trousers generally have slightly worse fit, although there are exceptions, and be made of an inferior fabric quality. Because each pair of pants can be used quite frequently, they can be worth a higher price. When choosing pants, you should always set the fit at the top of the priority list and then the waist that controls the first selection. The pants should sit up without a belt. Are they good and feels good? Buy!


Kostymbyxan-it is actually something of a waste to blazers so often sold in a whole. If you are not wearing a jacket in your casual wear, you have much to gain from seeing the suit pants as uddaplagg. In many cases, they also are sold separately.

Flanellbyxan-pants in 100% wool or cotton with a slightly roughened surface that is perfect for a casual attire, for example with a heavy sweater or shirt, and uddakavaj. Blazer and flanellbyxa be classified even as formal attire in some parts of southern and Central Europe. Flanellbyxan are usually stronger than kostymbyxan and the coarser material fits very well into the “I want it painted black” that now prevails.

Chinos-A disputed garment that many had a distorted picture of. Possibly to those often worn together with gubbmage and an over tightened belts. Once again, we wish to stress the importance of fit. A pair of narrow cut chinos is excellent with shirt and cardigan, and contributes to a whole that is more formal than jeans and yet far more casual than flanellbyxan or kostymbyxan. As for chinos, there is also a wider range of colors than in the rest of the garments, but as previously mentioned-basic wardrobe should be kept a little stiff because it will allow many combinations.

Jeans-jeans sure can even belong in a basic wardrobe. Many models available on the market today, however, goes against the principles of selection I mentioned earlier. A few detailed jeans for around 2000:-will never serve as a basic garments. They are too distinctive to be used frequently and the details make the occasions they can be carried is limited. When you select the jeans to your basic wardrobe should be raw (unwashed), dark denim. Always stylish and suitable for the most part, as well as in most informal contexts.

To build a wardrobe that allows for great variety, you should have at least a pair of dressy slacks in grey scale between dark grey and black, as well as a couple of darker Brown. You can choose between a pair of black and a pair of gray you most likely greater use of the grey. The grey will give your outfit a softer contrast and responds better up against strong colors in different colours.

Finally, a few lines about the most important thing. Many of us do not have the dimensions that best responds to the maternity trousers available in SOFTWARELEVERAGE today. Please bring your pants to a tailor and have them tailored to your individual measurements. A well-fitting trousers are always worth the extra expense.