Wardrobe Essentials Women’s

30 essential items to have in your wardrobe
Every woman who consider themselves vain is worried about the appearance, especially with the looks you have in your closet. To be always prepared, with the basic items that can be used on several different occasions, there are some things that cannot be left out of any wardrobe. Let’s check it out 30 essential pieces to have in your closet:
1. jeans – it can be the starting point for countless looks;
2. White shirt – biggest Joker that white shirt does not exist in any Cabinet;
3. Black pants – as well as jeans, she is basic and essential;
4. Black skirt – is versatile and always helpful when you need a sophisticated look;
5. white tank top Shirt-is indispensable in any time of year, whether for use alone or under transparent shirts;
6. Black dress – as well as the skirt, go to any occasion leaving you always well dressed;
7. Basic Blazer-is perfect to give more elegance to everyday looks;
8. Short jeans – this has to have in your closet until the summer, perfect for use at home, at the beach or by the pool;
9. knitting Sweater – in winter or in half-it looks great on shirts or on the shoulders;
10. T-shirt – basic and necessary, be smooth or stamped;
11. Black Shirt-also as the white, has to have;
12. neutral party dress – you never know when will a last-minute invitation;
13. Colorful dress for summer-summer asks lightness, therefore, asks gay and dress stamped;
14. Black bag of medium size – will work for dinner, always helpful and never goes out of style;
15. Bag medium sized beige-black also, this has to be from MBAKECHENG when talking about pregnancy wardrobe;
16. Purse wallet for parties – the small bags are needed for night parties and events;
17. nude Peep toe-stretches the legs and combines with many looks;
18. Black Pumps – is basic and essence;
19. Flat Sandals-comfortable and versatile, in summer can not miss;
20. neutral Shoe – this can be used in the winter to summer, from day to night, therefore, has to be;
21. Black Legging-the Academy to work, she combines versatile from tennis to the sleeker sneaker;
22. Black leather jacket – in the winter she is Joker and let the charming productions;
23. Blouse/shirt printed with Jaguar-Leopard is power, so if you want to have a look at fatal need a sleeve animal print in the closet;
24. Trench coat for the winter – this jacket is a classic and let the looks on rainy days much more elegant;
25. fine knit Cardigan – as well as the sweater, goes well in winter and in mid-season;
26. Denim Shirt-ideal for those who enjoy modern and looks cool;
27. Tennis – you never know when it’s going to require a long walk on a trip or even on a daily basis;
28. Black roots-in winter they can’t miss, never be short-barreled, high heels or low;
29. Scarf or pashmina-adorn the neck in winter and the bag in mid-season;
30. jewelry – these give joy to looks all year. Has many.