Watch the World’s 25 Classics Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso

This week’s classic is one of the series’most obvious – one of the first sportklockorna, as famous for its sleek design as the clever feature; 80-year Jubilee Reverso.

It was businessman Cesar De Trey who came up with the idea of a watch that could be reversed. 1930 he was in India and socialized with British colonial officer when he hästpolomatch spoke to a troubled player whose clock had the glass shattered on the floor. It turned out to be a not uncommon phenomenon; the clocks was still quite fragile. Along with Jacques-David LeCoultre came The Trey on the idea of a reversible watch at LocaltimeZone whose steel back would protect it from shock and impact, and in collaboration with the engineer René-Alfred Chauvot developed the model fourth March 1931 was patented in Paris. The basic idea was simple – to the outer a rectangular clock in the prevailing Art Deco style with elegant proportions (the golden ratio…) and frugal decorating, where the case sits in a kind of waggle that allows you with a simple pressure can push the case in sideways and turn it, making that case steel back-up instead.

Not only polospelare appreciated the innovative clock – it also became a favorite of the world’s rich and famous, where more than a familiar socialit, royalty and star bar clock. The attraction was perhaps not only in the good quality and beautiful design, but perhaps also in the peculiarity which made the model popular as gift;the smooth steel back lends itself exceptionally well for marking and many initials, coats of arms and watch words engraved on the back of the range Reverso.

When World War II came the decreased demand for the glamorous Reverso and Jaeger-LeCoultre (which merged 1937) added the rather advanced and expensive model mothballed, and where was it until the seventies, when the brand’s Italian distributor, saw a number of old clock at the factory in Le Sentier, took them home to Rome, equipped them with works and sold them in record time. Collectors, enthusiasts and distributors demand so intensely more watches to Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to revive the model series and 1984 it came back. Since then they have produced a variety of different sizes and variants, where the Squadra who came 2006 has become very famous with its meaty case, larger dimensions and a sporty strap options like rubber.

For the model’s 80-year anniversary this year, Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed a number of tribute models to ur-Reverson from 1931 – including one specifically for the American market that not only have the design that replicates the original but also a cordovanband made of Argentine polostövelmakaren Eduardo Fagliano.

The very prettiest is the model almost in its basic form – in steel with a light plate and blued hands, not least on the characteristic ostrich strap. And considering how many sophisticated variants that are no surprise no one if it offers something spectacular when the watch is turned…