Water Pumps and Accessories for Bathtub

Accessory does circulate water, triggering the whirlpool. Product must be installed in a location that allows future maintenance.

Those who seek comfort and relaxation at home and have available space can consider installing tubs, which are available in two models. In addition to the traditional version, known as soaking tub, you will find the products with whirlpool, which must be accompanied by a motor pump. This accessory has the function to circulate water tub for allowing the hot work.

When install this type of whirlpool bath, you need to choose the ideal position of the pump. Therefore, it is important to consider that the accessory must have easy access, in case you may need to perform some kind of maintenance in the future. If this happens, count on a specialized professional.

More comfort with the accessories

To further improve the performance of your bathtub has the support of some accessories such as headrest and support handles. Just remember to assess whether the aids are compatible with the model of your bathtub. And if you want more comfort, install a heater to keep the water always warm.

Valuable tips to save water:

  • Use water from bathtubs to wash your yard, watering the plants or to play in the toilet;
  • Install a filter in your bath to keep the water clean for longer;
  • Apply chemicals for water treatment as an option to keep it cleaner longer. In this way, you can avoid the frequent exchange (the ideal is that this happens every seven days, on average);
  • Keep an eye on leaks in bathtubs to avoid wasting water.