Waterproof to Wear at the Beach

For make up addicted makeup is indispensable, even under the umbrella. Check out the best products for makeup!

For a make up sea-proof waterproof, long-lasting output “, is the ideal ally.

For those who love to show off a look flawless even under an umbrella or after a dive on waterproof mascara is absolutely a must! There are many volumizing products, or stretching and even colored, from Sephora to Bare Minerals.

The iridescent waterproof creamy eye shadows ensure a flawless makeup, according to healthknowing. The texture is easy to apply and blend and not deposited in the crease of the eyelid. The range of colours available is really varied. Even the waterproof eye shadows Sephora, available in 4 shades (Black night, Purple Night, Blue Night and Gold Night), are perfect for the beach and can also be used as an eyeliner.

As for the lipsticks waterproof line Aqua Rouge by Make Up For Ever are long-lasting wear. This product also consists of an intense tones and matte liquid lipstick and a gloss transparent vinyl that gives the effect and keeps the color. Also the Sharpie lips Star of Sephora, available in 3 colors (raspberry, pink and coral), is perfect for the sea. Enhances the natural color of the lips and is long lasting.

For those that never leave with one line of eyeliner are perfect the eyeliner to Make Up For Ever long lasting finish available in 15 different shades and 3: mat, Pearl and diamond. Browse our photo gallery and find out the best products for a make up like a real little Mermaid!