Wearing Leggings in College

In the United States, the legging is being very strict measures at several colleges. Larger scale, admittedly, this type of pants is the gateway to all the excess… Where this need to remember a few simple rules.

College of Kenilworth in California, it has understood that the legging was not pants. Finally, the main got it, but not yet the students obviously, who are offended new rules. She did not completely prohibit the leggings, but reminds that it is not a pair of pants, but of tights without feet. Now with tights, we put a skirt, a dress or shorts… Logic! The problem according to the Director of college is that they are tight and so you can see the girls underwear underneath. The principal of the college of Minnetonka in Minnesota has already taken a similar measure, and it is just as unpopular in his school…

So, don’t need to be an expert not mode to attest to that: indeed, leggings, you wear it under something, like tights, this is the same principle of THEFREEGEOGRAPHY. The reasons are clear: see elastic panties that cut the glutes in two, it’s not pretty at all, and’s it still less in proportion to the size of the buttocks in question. And if in addition it is transparant…

“Even with a string?” you say… Yes, because it does not show her ass to everyone, even when there are 16 years old and yet her female body! For followers of the skintight, know we invented the slim, designed with pockets, zipper and button (such as normal pants actually) closing and in a matter which don’t mold the buttocks in an unsightly way.

From elsewhere with leggings, is nice to wear a dress or a tunic that goes below the buttocks… For those who have a few extra pounds, choose here a bit wider, it allows to hide the small curves.

If teenagers going through puberty must learn to stand, there is also a question of aesthetics!