Wedding Garment – Find The Right Clothes For The Wedding

Ye shall soon get married, and one of the first women usually have in mind is their wedding dress. But the wedding garment consists of so much more than a bridal gown. Yes, bridal gown is one of the most important parts of the wedding clothes, but there are also wedding garment to groom, mother of the bride, wedding garment for the bridesmaids, as well as for bridal and flower girls, and a helpless.

As for the wedding garment, you will find bridal underwear, shoes, veils, and other accessories. Wedding garment is on his show with to create the wedding you will hold off from which style you have, what colors you choose (a wedding dress need not be completely white), as well as whether there are rules for what your guests and bridesmaids will wear. Have a theme for your wedding, then one can in the invitation asking his guests to wear white tie or other form of clothing that fits the theme.

Wedding garment for women

There are no specific rules for what to wear as a wedding garment. However, there are some things you may well be aware of when guests have been invited to a wedding.

Although it is said that there are no specific rules, then there are nonetheless two clear rules. It is that other women should not wear white, the color is reserved for the bride. In addition, the guest’s dress not outdo the bride’s wedding dress and this should you respect.

As a woman, if you want to have a dress on, so that one can freely choose whether it should be long or short and in any color (except white), unless it says otherwise in the invitation. Sea dog in mind that it is a wedding, so did not arrive in a super a miniskirt dress, where you can almost see the buttocks poking out. Tasteful clothing is always the right way to go, when you have to for a wedding.

If the female guest not feeling well with having to wear a dress as a wedding garment, as is a suit with a cute top or a stylish shirt a really good alternative. A black suit with something colorful underneath which breaks the black is always good. Find the right shoes. You are welcome to be colorful and can possibly. fit in the color of the blouse you have on. Find accessories that lifts the black color. One should keep in mind that this is not a funeral you should to.

Guests should not worry whether they have the same colors as on the bridesmaids or as bride and groom’s mother. It will be right up in the air, if one should begin to coordinate with all who participate in the wedding feast.

Don’t have anything on that is transparent or deep nedringet, it is just not at home for a wedding. If you are even questioning whether the clothing you have selected is too challenging, so it’s definitely something that shows too much of your body.

You should keep them completely from jeans and shorts. There’s nothing to suit a wedding, no matter how casual it is. A small fine summer dress will always be acceptable, but one should stay away from ordinary everyday clothes. After all, it is a celebration, so use common sense when choosing wedding garment.

Clothes for the male guest

When the male Wedding guest must get out and find wedding garment, as is the business suit or a party habit that primarily talks about, unless otherwise written in the invitation. Color, there are no rules, but in addition to the jacket and the pants, there’d be a shirt that fits the kit as well as a tie or a butterfly.

Here is jeans, ¾ trousers and shorts also out of the question, no matter how casual wedding is. Short-sleeved shirts are also not welcome at a wedding, it’s the long-sleeved shirts to be on. However, linen trousers and mens jacket well accepted for a summer wedding.

Sneakers and sandals are definitely a resounding no to a wedding. Use neat shoes with or without laces, whichever one is most to. Use black socks and not white. The white socks will scream to the sky along with a suit and the overall impression is just not good.

Think about the dress code and if it is unsteady, so choose a classical dark suit, a shirt with color in and a tie that match the shirt.

Clothing for children

The small grafts can be a bit of a task clothing for a wedding. One thing you should stay away from, is to give them all white clothes on. Unless they’re bridesmaids or maid of journeymen, then there is always white involved. The tag, however, a set of clothes with which they can switch with after the ceremony. Children in white all day usually ends up looking dirty out after a short time. We cannot expect that they sit quietly through a whole day, without being out and play with the other kids.

Choose clothes that they have it good in not force them to. take a bow tie on just because it looks cute. You can end up with an unhappy child who want to make trouble over the situation during the wedding. Take also account of the weather. A strut dress for the little girl is not as optimal if it is-5 degrees outside.

Don’t be afraid to use the colors in the clothes. It is, after all, a party, and colors to children is not quite the same as for adults.

If there will be bought new shoes for the vehicle, then let the children go to them before they are to be used for the wedding. New shoes can squeeze and it would be a pity if they should leak around a whole day with sore feet.

Thinking about the little girls should have a keen hairstyle, so make it simple. Too many hairpins and too tight keen hair can be very irritating for them.


Consider about the groom’s wedding garment must be made by a tailor, bought from a store where the clothes are made in advance or whether it should be hired. If the groom is considering to rent, then you should be aware that the fit may not be totally perfect.

The groom must decide what type of wedding garment he will wear. It must be morning suite, dress shirt, suit, suit or Tuxedo party. High hat is traditional to dress the set and morning suite, but now consider carefully whether it should be part of the set. High hat clothes not many and for how long would you possibly go with it? Remember also that one does not bear hat in church.

Remember to buy cufflinks, Pocket cloth for the jacket (if you do not have a lapel flower) and socks, which can also have color in them. However, not Use white socks. Berry, possibly also a Pocket Watch, if you want to create a slightly different style.

The groom’s shoes should preferably be varnish, leather or suede. Buy them in good time, so that they can be passed to. Also invest in a new pair of underpants, both for your own sake, but also for the bride. It is, of course, delicious with new underwear instead of the shabby, that can be found in the drawer at home.

When the wedding ceremony and the photo shoot is over, then it’s perfectly acceptable if the jacket of smoking and the tie will be loosened. If the sleeves of the shirt are rolled up there is not someone who will look askance at you.

If you are the best man

As the best man must have substantially the same set of wedding garment on as the groom. However, there is no one who says that forloveren need to buy a new suit for the wedding. Compare instead of whether to rent a set, if you don’t feel like having to spend so much money on a brand new suit. Shirt, vest, tie, cufflinks and clocks should preferably match the groom’s, but about the clock and cuff buttons don’t fit perfectly together, there are probably not many people will notice.

Become’s shoes should preferably also be careful match the groom’s. Shoes of soft leather, suede or patent leather shoes, it is to be used for a wedding. Here may well be different, either the socks with patterns or in strong colours, in order to make it a little more fun.


The bride must be like to have an idea of what she will buy as the wedding gown, but try other styles than those we have set out in your head, it may be you will be pleasantly surprised. Many brides experience that they just know when it’s the right dress. If you are not one of them, then select the three models out as you like best and return some days after, to try them again. A good idea is to take some people with which will be able to give positive input.

As a bride you have to remember that the more detail there is on the dress, the more expensive it will be. If you are one of those brides who is in love with a big princess dress, but doesn’t seem to fit the actual feast, so consider whether to buy two dresses. One for the wedding ceremony when photographed and one for the reception, and then switch to a white empire dress, Mermaid style or a cocktail dress. On the way there will be two dresses for different parts of your wedding. Remember, however, that the budget should be able to stick to it.

Bridal Accessories like shoes, veils, garters, pantyhose/stockings and bag must be well balanced and fit to your dress. You may also want to consider whether, as a bride should have two pairs of shoes. It’s not everyone who can stick to a whole day on 11 cm heels, so a little flatter shoes for the evening is perhaps worth considering. One should keep in mind that the smaller the detail that is on the dress, the greater the playroom has been with details on bridal accessory. Conversely, if you have a dress with many details on the dress, so keep it simple on bridal accessory.

Bridal underwear below bridal gown can be bought single, white and pleasant, if you feel like it. If the bride thinks she has a bit of the forms will be stored a little away, then it’s shapewear that must be purchased. You can do this yourself as a bride and groom a favor and buy a delicious expensive set for later in the night. It will delight both you and him.

The bride’s and groom’s mother

As a mother, there is no reason to dress up as an old matron, one should not hold back on the field. Yes it should be tastefully, but don’t be afraid to take a colorful dress on as a wedding garment, which votes more or less in line with the colors that will be used for the wedding. Find a dress with a cut which you normally wouldn’t consider. Select either a full-length or knee-length dress. A knee length dress can finish just above or just below the knee.

Choose shoes as we know we can hold off on your body throughout the day. It is believed there is no red carpets with flat shoes. You may well get nice shoes with very low heel, otherwise choose a ballerina in the same color as the dress, if you can’t walk in heels.

Accessories for the bride’s and groom’s mother will depend on their taste. If they don’t have it well with jewelry as necklaces, earrings or rings, so one can use a brooch that you can put onto the dress. It will also help to put a little bling on the dress, if you have chosen a dress that is very simple. If there is selected a dress with many details, so teams again with the accessory. A small bag is not a bad idea, so you can have the most important things in it.

If you want to look a little sleeker looking, so one can choose to take shapewear on the inside underneath the dress. It is helping to shape the curves a little more. A good idea is to have a few extra nylon stockings with in your bag, so you have something to swap out with, if there is a mask on them you have on.


If the bride chooses to have bridesmaids, so is it a good idea to gather the flock and take out and shop the dresses together. Usually pay themselves for their bridesmaids dresses, accessories and shoes, but there are brides who choose to pay for bridal girls dresses.

When you say yes to be bridesmaid, so we also accept that we even pay for the dress, and the bride choose the cut and color of the dress, so the dresses fit the bride’s wedding. If you cannot accept this as a bridesmaid, then we’d better thank Nice ‘ no ‘ for the job.

Select dresses which are to move in. it should be remembered that as a bride the bridesmaids should be able to walk around pretty much all day and dance effortlessly later in the evening. Try as far as possible to choose colors and dress cut that works for all of the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids must take care to coordinate what shoes and accessories to dresses. The shoes should preferably fit well with the dresses that will be selected, but you can always pick them with different-sized heel. It is, of course, not everyone who wants sky-high heels and that must be taken into account.

Garments are helping to create the party

They say that clothes are helping to create the party, but the bride and groom is probably more excited to come to celebrate their day than which wedding garment you have on. It is clear that we must reflect on what we take on, for a wedding is, after all, a great event. But it is not a Royal Wedding it must to, so don’t go out and use several thousands of dollars on a dress or a suit, as only being used once or twice. There are wedding garment for both men and women at reasonable money, you just need to go a little to explore, either on the Web or in the shops.