Wedding Invitation: the First Impression Is the One that Stays!

Many marriages today are following the most innovative and different trends of the market and thus end up leaving aside traditionalism. Personalization and originality are increasingly gaining ground in the matchmaking universe and the bride and groom are more demanding in choosing the great day’s preparations.

As well as the buffet, ceremony, decoration, music and souvenirs, the wedding invitation is also a necessary and very important item for being the first impression that goes from the wedding. If the wedding invitation is as classic as possible it already shows that the marriage will be more traditional.

But if the invitation presents a lot of joy and creativity will be more personalized and different, with the face of the bride and groom! That’s where innovation and creativity come into play! Many grooms at the time of ordering to make their invitations look for novelties and combination with their personalities.

It is worth noting that in addition to combining with the personality of the bride and groom, the wedding invitation must still combine with the theme of the party and decoration.

For example, if it is a beach wedding, it would be nice to have a custom invitation with the more beachy theme, details of shells, blue, green and brown color of sand represent well. So we suggest here some wedding invitation templates so you do not go wrong at the time of choosing.

Invitations For Daytime Weddings

If you intend to get married during the day, the trick is to bet on more discreet invitations, with lighter colored papers and colors, but without losing the characteristics of the bride and groom and the occasion.

According to etaizhou, it is worth mentioning that the invitation should be sent 30 days in advance so that your family and friends plan the costumes, gifts, or even the trip, for those who live far away.

Wedding Invitation In The Field

Preparing for an eco-friendly wedding can be easier and more cost-effective than you think. For the wedding of this genre it is necessary to bet on invitations more suitable for the occasion. Recyclable papers in earthy tones are the main raw materials for making invitations of this type.

It is interesting to note that you choose suppliers that use this type of raw material to prepare your invitation. There is also a special paper that contains seeds, a great sustainable option for your guests to plant after the ceremony.

Wedding Themed Invitation On The Beach

Beach wedding should also live up to the details and theme of the party! The invitation, the item that passes the first impression of the wedding is not left out. The beach theme refers to coconut palms, shells, corals, stars and ships. Nothing more creative than you pass these ideas onto your invitation, what’s up?

We selected some wedding invitations for you that will marry on the beach and still do not know which invitation model to choose:

Your invitation can be customized in several ways as the photos above show: details with beach items and very light colors. One creative idea is to use a little bottle with a message inside along with the invitation.

Personalized Invitation With Bride And Groom Caricatures

For the most authentic and bereaved bride and groom, the personalized wedding invitation with their caricatures is ideal, since it conveys originality and grace.

To personalize and pursue creativity, draw inspiration from caricatures of your favorite drawings, animals you like, or movies. An example below is the caricature of the couple imitating the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A cool and super creative idea!

Invitations For Evening Weddings

Choosing a model that fits the style of the bride and groom is a task not easy because of the diversity of models, colors and textures that exist in the market.

If you intend to get married at night the tip is to bet on cheerful colors, stamping and shine on your invitation. The big ties and the stones are very welcome. Let’s look at some models:

Invitation With Big Bows

The lace gives an elegant and romantic air to your invitation. Use vibrant and cheerful colors like gold, red, green and others. Note that the envelope color is dark and is totally suitable for an evening wedding.

Glossy Invitation (Strass)

For modern couples who like to brighten up their party the good thing is to choose invitations with sparkling details like dots or rhinestone buckles, especially if the invitation is simple. That’s when the little details make all the difference. Your invitation will look even more elegant and attractive!

Stamped Invitation

To make your invitation style more lively and charming, a great alternative is to choose prints to make it even more beautiful. Colors like blue, brown, red and green give a special and cheerful touch as we can see in the images below.

Invitations With Photo Template

Of course the most classic wedding invitation has not been left out, but what has caught the attention of many couples is innovation. Another trend quite requested by the bride and groom is the invitation made of photographic paper in which photos of the marriages of marriages are assembled or even exclusive photos made for the wedding.