Welcome to Timbuk2 Bag Department Store

It’s like with a good old friend whom we ever not have seen with Timbuk2. We meet again after years for the first time and it has been so, as you never would be gone. Who already knows the bag department store, knows that Timbuk2 is not a completely new brand for us. In fact, she was one of the first brands in the shop next to Crumpler and is finally available again in the range. Timbuk2 has advantage of the break and mightily spruced up and convinces more than ever with cool looks and great features.

Forget the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, the true highlight San Francisco ‘s Timbuk2! Started in 1989 in a garage has. The bike Messenger Rob Honeycutt has found no bag, which met its requirements. And, what is more logical than to sew yourself a Messenger bag? Flat. He sold the first 50 fashion bags at a bike shop, once on good luck. And they found a ready market. Then more and more not Bicycle Messengers asked after the Messenger bags, professional was slow out of the hobby and it came, as it had to happen: Rob was always less in the saddle, and increasingly on the sewing machine and he eventually founded the Timbuk2 brand at that time still under the name of scumbags.

Timbuk2 has remained true to himself Despite all further development and innovation today: the Classic Messenger Bag, the flagship of brand, has hardly changed in the design. The bags are distinctive by the typical 3-stripes-look on the front. Clever features such as a safety light attachment or the adjustable cross strap are mandatory for the Timbuk2 Bags. Especially durable materials such as Cordura® make the bags and backpacks indestructible nylon or polyester, in combination with a water resistant coating, and extremely long shelf life.

A notebook compartment or a compartment for the Tablet are almost everywhere at Timbuk2 with part of the game. Bike messengers, hobby cyclists, commuters, and average Joe swear on a practical Timbuk2 Messenger Bag. But also the backpacks of the Californian brand are absolutely suitable for everyday use. And because a backpack anyway just to the must-have of the season then how about belongs, with one of Timbuk2?

How do you see that? Cool Messenger bag or backpack yet coolerer? I’m more the type for a backpack, but would make an exception for Timbuk2. Do you also so hard like me the decision?