Well Dressed During Pregnancy

Each phase of the belly makes a kind of clothes and with a few tips and tricks, you can maintain the style during the nine months of pregnancy.

Well Dressed During Pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, many women try to disguise the tummy and hide the more rounded forms. But as soon as I find out how to value the new silhouette wearing the right clothes, they start to enjoy more gestation.


This is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life, however, to make the tummy a charm you need to choose the right part, or it runs the risk of sounding like a sack of potatoes.


Each phase of the belly make a kind of clothes and with a few tips and tricks, you can maintain the style during the nine months of pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, it is best to disguise the extra pounds with clothes, and very mark the body. “The first measure that changes the body’s loss of waist, so buy a pair of ‘ PJs ‘ adjustable waist not to tighten,” teaches Christiana Francini, author of the book, Pregnant with style.


When the belly starts to appear, it’s time to display it. “Nothing fair and by selecting the ‘ love handles ‘ or like the clothes that little to you,” the consultant. She says that the type of clothing that promotes more pregnant women are those with a hack that didn’t tighten the belly and let the rest more fair.


It’s good to clarify: baggy clothes make you fat or help disguise? According to the consultant bestaah pregnancy, they do not favor. “Fat, because usually is wide in full and not only in the area of the belly and breasts. It sounds horrible. It seems that the woman took the clothes of her husband “.


In the third trimester of pregnancy, the priority is to have comfort. Is there some parts suitable for pregnant women make all the difference. “The important thing is really to wear clothes for pregnant who has a differentiated modeling,” says Christiana.

But it is worth investing in a new wardrobe if the expectant mother will only wear these clothes during a short period of time, since the belly grows each week? Well, buying certain parts, Yes.


The big secret is to invest in their own clothes for pregnant women from bestaah website, which come with settings that can be adjusted according to the belly. Of course this will only work if Mommy gets fat just what is recommended by doctors, about 12 pounds during the entire pregnancy.