WEWOOD: Wristwatches With Style and Environmental Awareness

Wristwatches are a great accessory when it comes to upgrading your own outfit. Because it is precisely in men that these wear relatively less jewelery and by a smart wristwatch can set appropriate accents in their own look.

If I am honest, a watch is the only accessory for men, which goes through as a jewelry for a man. Therefore, insidewatch attaches importance to a reasonable model as below, which fits your style and look.

Watches from Our Site: Stylish & Environmentally Conscious

For this reason, I would like to introduce you to the Beta Chocolate from Our site, which does not have to hide in terms of design and processing. Behind this watch is the company our site, founded in Italy in 2009, which I would like to start with.

The brand was created by the designer Alessandro Our site in 2009, who is still working on new designs for the our site products in Our site near Florence.

Not only does the company pursue the idea of ​​bringing stylish wrist watches to the market, but also to do something good for the environment. With his creations, Our site would like to put nature and its natural beauty into play and thus contribute to environmental protection.

This is achieved by our site in that the wristwatches are mainly made of wood waste from the furniture production and interior furnishing. The watch is 100% made of wood except for the glass of the case, the clockwork, the battery and the buckle.

This approach contributes to the distinctive design of the watches and makes them unique. But when it comes to environmental awareness, our site goes even further than making the watches only from wood waste. Because for every sold watch the environmental protection organization American Forests planted a tree. Every our site customer thereby actively participates in the protection of forests.

An approach that knows how to please and is also received very positively. Nice side effect: If you are referred to his new watch, you have a little more to tell and can say that you have not only done something good, but also helped the environment a little.

The Beta Chocolate from our site in Detail

Now I do not want to stress the torture and introduce the Beta Chocolate from our site. This is, incidentally, one of the newer models of the brand.

As you can see from the photo above, the environmental awareness goes from the packaging to the final design of the watch. The packaging is already 90% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

The housing body and the bracelet of the Beta Chocolate was made 100% from Indian Rosewood, better known as sandalwood. By using this wood, the time indicator comes in a dark brown. Only the dial will lift a tick brighter from the case.

The housing itself has a diameter of 45 millimeters at a height of 11 millimeters. The first thing I noticed about the first time I took the hand was the weight. The clock weighs just 60 grams. Certainly something you will notice immediately when you hold one of these watches in your hands. This is, of course, due to the use of wood as the main material of the watch.

Inside the case works a our site Quartz movement from Japan, which is operated with a Sony SR 626 W. But do not worry, despite the wooden case you can have your empty battery exchanged at the our site on site. As you can see in the previous photo, the housing can be opened simply by removing four screws.

The Beta Chocolate, like all other our site watches, is closed by a stainless steel clasp. The length of the bracelet can be shortened by up to six limbs to fit it perfectly to your own wrist.

My Conclusion to the Beta Chocolate

After I presented you my first wooden wristwatch, I would not let it take me the conclusion with a small conclusion to conclude.

The Beta Chocolate from our site convinced me strongly by its design and style, which I noticed immediately after unpacking positively. The barely perceptible weight of 60 grams makes the watch a real wrist flatterer and lets you forget that one carries it at all.

But apart from Style, Design, Weight & Co., I am simply convinced by the company’s philosophy, which not only sells products, but also returns something to nature. Very praiseworthy!

Therefore, the Beta Chocolate is for me a watch, which I think is fully convincing and certainly a positive accent in the outfit of any man can put.

Information about the author

Sebastian regularly writes about fashion and lifestyle themes on his blog “Men-Style”. From the presentation of up-to-date look books to used care products to detailed guides, such as his style guide for men, you will find everything the modern man of today should know.