What Clothes to Use in Pregnancy

Hello Mothers,

This week I bring a theme that many mothers, namely pregnant women come up when they get pregnant. What to use in pregnancy? What clothes wear that don’t put down your self-esteem and make us feel women.

This was a serious problem in which I came across, the clothes for pregnant women I confess that are not the prettiest and beyond that, as it is nine months pregnant also do not want to invest in something that we will never use again.

I spent a pregnancy that developed nearly four seasons of the year, and being a second son, I didn’t want to fall

What Clothes to Use in Pregnancy

into the same nonsense, buy clothes that I would never use. So I started searching, trying to find solutions that gave me for 9 months of pregnancy with “Pinta” and that I could continue to use even after recovering.

In my research, which I share with you, I realized that jeans would have to buy, but could not be horrible, not excessively expensive, after much research I realized that the cutest are the H&M, have a huge diversity, with a very modern cut and at an affordable price.

Aside from the trousers, I decided to invest in cute clothing that gave me so much for pregnancy as for afterwards, and discovered the ideal store BRIDGAT, with gorgeous pregnancy dresses, with fantastic cuts for before and after pregnancy. Who says a pregnant one can’t be painted? And what less cost is to know that this pregnancy investment is going to give your “credits” also out of it. We can be fine in pregnancy as after her with the same pieces. It has great quality dresses and jumpsuits and “larguinhos” can be used easily throughout the pregnancy and after it, it’s not a store for pregnant women, but it’s where pregnant women can continue dressing up with style and investing so in childbirth, and so never let our style fall on the ground.

Second discovery of my research the anti-estrias creams. In the pregnancy of Antonio I used a great one that is no longer manufactured, so I went to research the best cream to protect our skin. It would have to be a non-greasy cream, so that the clothes would not be all glued, without smell because in these heights any scent can lead us to despair. Choose Wonderful the cream Anti-estrias da Mustela that alternate with the oil also of the same brand only at night. Result so far zero striations. What I was also aware of and that I did not know is that it is essential to use the cream also after pregnancy, when the famous striations can also give the air of its grace.

Third discovery: pregnancy treatments. I always thought that in pregnancy you couldn’t do much, except exercise to help keep your shape, but if I told you it’s nothing like that. The body science in Lisbon and Porto have treatments for pregnancy that we can do until seven months, to maintain good physical shape and help not get all swollen, besides, are safe treatments and that we can continue after we have our babies.

I hope you helped, I leave the links. Good pregnancy, good shopping and good treatments