What is a LED Light

We know these electronic components historically used as indicator lights on the remote controls, electronic devices and televisions. In 1993 that the so-called “white” LED appeared, since lighting research have allowed their great! development.

What is a LED Light

There are several ways today to create the light white, the most widespread being one which associates ! the use of LED emitting in blue with a phosphor coating ensuring the conversion thereof into white light. Phosphorus composition ensures the production of more or less responsible, specific wavelengths in blue, green, or red and white quality and colors giving.

How does a LED?

A diode emitting, abbreviated as acronyms led or LED (from the English Light Emitting Diode), is able to emit light when it is traversed by an electric current.

Like any diode, the LED is a semiconductor consisting of 2 layers of juxtaposed materials and with opposite electrical characteristics. ! Under the effect of a difference of potential between the two layers, electrons enter the layer ! of N-type, with at the same time an injection of holes into the layer of type P.

At the interface of these two areas, the electrons and holes, release energy in the form of photon in is recombinant. The nature and quality of the materials used in the LED will define the wavelengths emitted by the photon.

The different types of LED

!There are the led of different powers, of different sizes, different features. Depending on the applications and the results, they can be used for a type of product or another, or even combined. You will not use the same Led for the Flash of a smartphone or a street lighting.

All the LEDs are not equal in quality and performance. There are many manufacturers of LED with LEDs of low quality likely to call into question the credibility and maturity of LED technology.

Novaday has chosen to use in its products the LEDS only produced by the best manufacturers in the world ! : Nichia, Cree, Philips Lumileds, Sharp!…..