What Is a Smartphone with Pure Android? How to Choose?

The term pure Android is being heavily used by mobile phone vendors to sell their devices with a smoother operating system experience from Google. But what does pure Android mean? Let us explain and teach you how to choose a device with pure Android that meets all your needs.

What Is a Smartphone with Pure Android How to Choose

What is Pure Android

Android, also called “vanilla” Android, is the most basic version of the Android operating system available. Pure Android devices run the core Android as designed and developed by Google. It is typically distinguished by the lack of programs installed by the carrier. For example, a pure Android phone of any brand will not have any third party app installed by a carrier. For many users removing these apps in excess is a huge incentive, allowing them to regain control over their devices.

Pure Android is also not usually rebooked or redesigned by the phone manufacturer. For example, major brands run, a near-stock version of Android on most of their phones, but modify the operating system to fit their design specifications.

As Android is open source, manufacturers and carriers can have huge freedoms with the main features of the operating system. This is both strength and weakness. Customizing Android is a big draw for many users. Low-availability versions of the operating system enable cheap, powerful devices. But that also means that carriers and manufacturers can make decisions that consumers do not like and do not have the power to change. Pure Android frees you from all of this. You can try out Android the way it was “meant to be” without interference from carriers or manufacturers.

Benefits of Pure Android Phones

Running a pure version or as close to this purity of Android as possible can generate a number of benefits for the user.

Recovered storage space

Pure Android removes applications installed by your device carrier or manufacturer. As a result, you will recover some storage space for your own use.

Greater control over your device

Removing bloatware gives you more control over what’s on your device and what your device does.

Better performance

Carriers and manufacturers do not always do a great job writing their applications. Poorly written software slows down your phone and drains your battery.

Faster operating system updates

Most pure Android phones will have access to Android updates faster than their carrier counterparts and manufacturers. Mobile phone operators and manufacturers have developed a well-deserved reputation by owners of Android phones that use slow features in operating system updates. This usually means long delays between the official launch of a new version of Android and availability on carrier devices. Android users in stock do not have to wait for carriers to modify and re-use Android on their phones. As a result, the update can be installed as soon as it is available.

Consistent design

Designers create Android to be visually consistent. When operators react or modify an operating system behavior, they usually break that consistent design language. This can lead to a messy feeling.

Greater personalization

Generally, it’s easier for users running Android to create and customize their devices . Without obstacles imposed by the operator, developers have a little more freedom. One of the biggest features of Android is the ability to customize, especially when compared to the locked iOS ecosystem. Pure Android devices allow more than that, and ROMs and launchers can be more powerful and easy to install.

How to choose smartphone with pure Android?

There are several models of phones with pure Android, especially models sold by Google, such as the Nexus and Pixel models. But other manufacturers are looking to provide versions or devices with Android in the purest form possible.

If you are not afraid to tinker with your device, virtually all of the most popular devices have ROMs available with pure versions of Android for a more streamlined operating system experience. You will need to robotate your device and install a modified ROM, but it should not be too difficult.

Is Pure Cell Phone Worth It?

If you want more control over the functionality and upgrade cycle of your device, Android in stock is incredible. You can give away some features or designs unique to the carrier or manufacturer, but in general, you will have a phone with more storage space and faster operation.

Have you ever had a pure Android smartphone? How was it? Liked the experience?