What Shoes are in Fashion This Summer

If you search a good store and safe to buy clothes online , the Dafiti is your virtual store fashion. The focus of the site is import ads with large famous brands but also national basic, with home delivery, free shipping on many times or too low. Even asking for 15 days of delivery, are rare cases in which arrives on time. Overall, delivery is well before. And speaking of fashion, the site is also well filled with items in your Dafiti 2016 collection.

As a virtual store, each visit is completely new in the Dafiti site. Almost every day come new products, both known brands like most obsolete of the Brazilian market. The site itself has not Dafiti 2016 collection with the new trends, but its major brands have released articles pointing out the new trends.

Dafiti 2016 Collection Models

The main brands of the store have launched their new products, and what we see is a lot of sobriety, even for the summer, the next Brazilian fashion season.

Brands such as Calvin Klein and Thommy kept for men classic tones, unpretentiously a more timeless style. Reportedly on the site, the classic and traditional stay with your basic style, few prints and good traditional style old continues.

Also see hiking shoes for women: http://www.lawschoolsinusa.com/2016/03/20/womens-top-rated-hiking-shoes/

The granda calls the site is a fitness collection 2016. There are more than 150 new models recently launched by the giant Adidas, Nike and the like, with many colors and stamping with flowers and ethnic fashion. The highlight are for Adidas 2016 collection, following a more Brazilian style of dress and much beyond casual.

Speaking of summer fashion, we have a fashion collection 2016 super beach florida and cheerful on the site. They are printed with minimalist flowers, but basically stripes in various extravagant combinations. There is a great emphasis on the site in pieces considered hot pants, with black and white prints in a beautiful dual color to hide the extra steps. The models are also better behaved like bikini high waist panties, bustier compound and without curtinha. The more covered better now, at least it is what point new trends. The high-waisted panties and bathing suits are most on the site of several collections.

When it comes to prints, we see on the site many colors, but with a slight twist. No neon, color blocking and the like, only more cheerful tones waiting for summer fashion. And even this, black and white double in shoes, sandals, blouses and shorts walks with the whole ball. Ethnic pattern inspired by the green area goes high, with greenery and discrete. It is the kind of trend to invest because it must stay for a few more years on the agenda. The famous Colcci invested in basic and discreet, with shades of gray, black and dual of the two colors and as always, very basic white and combinations with discreet and always fashionable color.

The novelty in shoes is to have a beige color as a trend. In your city you may have noticed a change in the windows of both popular stores as at higher levels as Arezzo. Even Prada giant walking investing in beige accessories, a neutral color so basic to match different types of looks. Footwear Anabella model are high, and beige is the next bet as the market trend. Bet still in the window of the site, such as sneakers without sparkles and little metallic, rasteirinhas and high thick heels, leaving the thin and very high a little hand. It is a fashionable bet also comfort and stability when walking.

Dafiti 2016 Collection Prices

One of the positive points of the store is selling products in all price ranges, from Coca Cola belts of R$30 to male models Calvin Klein R$300. Price variation is one of the virtual store strong.

The Dafiti 2016 collection keeps the same range of usual price, with articles going more than R$1,000, while the popular lines as Moleca, Hering and the like are in the range of $200 Large brands maintains its median price between R$150 and R$600 for blouses, figures already known to those customarily buy imported clothes online.