What to Wear with Transparent Top

Transparency is one of those subtle details that lends itself beautifully to a small air above. You feel like you just buy one or you have spotted a shop, but you do not know how to wear it?

To not do too much, I will explain everything you need to know to wear well transparency.

1) How to choose a transparent top?

Let’s start by a small development: . There is transparency and transparencyIn order to bring transparency, choose your top in a subtle matter that leaves just guessing rather than too suggest. No question of wearing a fishnet top!

Second important point, pay attention to the cup. Remember this: more vaporous will be higher, the effect of transparency will be successful.

So much to choose it, prefer:

  • A top multilayer transparencies
  • Oversized high, wispy aerial view right but never tight
  • A top contemporary fit (eg shorter in front and longer in back)

Finally, choose cuts that contrast completely, cuts borrowed from menswear such as blouses, or very structured cuts, covering and basic as a kind t-shirt or a form boat.Forget necklines plunging to be preferred over thicker and opaque materials.

Some designs include a strip of cloth to hide the chest. This is the most subtle detail in order to properly wear a transparent top, according to homosociety.

2) What to put under the transparent top?

It all depends on your body … If you have a curvaceous silhouette, quite rather large chest or in the abdomen and hips, do not stop right now reading this article! You can completely adopt transparency wearing a tank top end below . We just have to find a tank of the same color as your transparent top.

If instead you are rather thin at the top, you can afford the sexy touch by wearing only a bra underneath , but be careful not any bra!

Not to appear vulgar, choose it with care:

  • Choose a neutral color: black or nude
  • Choose a bra bra style covering with or without straps according to your need
  • Pay attention to the matter, nor did wear lace or transparent underwear (obviously!) Opt for the maintenance and structuring enough to make you a nice round breasts.No shelves or form push-up!

3) What to choose low contrast?

To swing against transparency, you have several choices. Depending on the occasion or as you wish, play with jeans, leggings or a long skirt or cut knee.

Of course, leave aside the bottom of femmes fatales like mini skirts and other mini shorts. To sophisticate transparency, choose a material that slice like denim or neoprene.

Wear eg for a shopping trip with the girls your transparent blouse cream with yourraw denim jeans and your favorite sneakers. To learn more about the sneakers, I invite you to read my article how to wear sneakers.

Do not overlook the details : a nice end plastron and a printed scarf to bring color to your look.

To go out, wear your top with a transparent legging worked as a glittering leggings, sequined or printed. Put on your ballerinas (or your shoes!) And a navy blazer. Make sure the top is long enough to cover your ass.

Do not overlook the details: an imposing ring, a feature of eye black liner to highlight your eyes and a cute hair accessory.
For a romantic date, tuck your shirt in your transparent dark-colored pencil skirt like a beautiful emerald green or gray mat. Add a pair of high heels and you are sublime for your appointment.

Do not overlook the details: a natural material pouch or graphic print, beautiful earrings and your best lipstick.

How you wear your high transparent? Finally, remember that you do not have to bet on a high all transparent so you do not dare. A detail such as a collar or transparent sleeves will as well make the effect!