Where To Buy Handbags

Buy that Louboutin need no longer be a distant dream. Meet the thrift store online that only works with Designer items at prices far more into account

Is there anything hotter than being fashionable spending little? Every woman likes. Especially when the pieces are timeless and will last for years. Now, what woman doesn’t dream of having at least one Chanel bag or a shoe Louboutinto your call? After all, these pieces are true classics, right? And give a special touch to any production.

Then you will say: “but costs more”. And it’s true, but that if you buy the new product in the store. That’s why I loved it when I met a thrift store online called Label Only. The site works only with luxury brands and offers incredible prices for products that look like new. And there you will find everything from designer clothing: handbags, shoes, clothes … everything with an impeccable quality, as if they had just left the store. A Dior purse, for example, that the AVIATIONOPEDIA.COM was R$ 7,980, the Label Only, she leaves for R$ 2,990. A savings of almost 5000 R$. There, it becomes easier to conquer that piece that’s your “sweet spot”.

The great differential of the Label Only, which I find really cool is the service that they offer. In addition to only pick up items that are in good condition, the thrift store makes the complete piece and hygiene by relying on a specialized team in authenticate luxury items of the most famous brands in the world, they guarantee that the products sold are 100% originals. What gives more peace of mind when buying a product, right?

Some it-girls and celebrities are loyal customers of the single label and even posted photos on Instagram with parts bought. Spy!

Liked the tip? Take a peek on there site, look at the price and who knows this is the opportunity to buy that bag or designer shoe of your dreams!


Fabi Sampath

* Images: disclosure and Instagram