Whole Custom T-Shirts

The whole custom t-shirts are indicated for those with an overflowing creativity and who do not want to put limits to their designs.

Today we present a design of ZOOZOOM!

According to a2zdirectory.org, the entire printing of t-shirts is achieved with full print, a revolutionary technique and latest generation with which you can achieve absolutely spectacular results with photographic quality.

This is what you have to keep in mind when it comes to sending us designs or photos to personalize whole shirts:

Designs in vector format with all types drawn: PDF, Illustrator or EPS.

O to actual print size in high resolution at 150 or 300ppp: JPG, TIFF, PNG, PDF or PSD.

Always in CMYK.

Format: 95cm wide x 85cm high.

The printing all over can only be applied on garments 100% polyester white and sewn, which means that some difficult areas such as underarms or seams, can give difficulties and get good ink:

The T-shirts with personalized photos are a classic yet timeless, and although this technique is usually focused on designers and fashion brands may have other uses: from t – shirts to events stag. The shameful montages with photos are very welcome.

Playing photographic images on clothing can be a challenge due to the level of detail, but if you want t- shirts with stamped photos the full print will not disappoint you:

In addition to printing whole shirts , you can print bandanas, blankets, towels or multifunctional collars with the design you want and without leaving any type of touch on the garment. Nothing resists us!

For a personalized quote on your photo t-shirts you just have to contact us.