Why Choose a Classic Room

Which room model to choose for the baby? Classical or modern furniture? Provençal or straight lines?

Why Choose a Classic Room

These questions are at the top of the mom’s list when it comes to setting up the baby’s room. So today we will present 7 reasons to help you choose a Classic Line.

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1. 1. The classic or Provençal lines have exquisite furniture, so if you like this type of line, you should follow a more romantic style for decoration, with delicate and soft colors, taking into account that most of the time the furniture is well crafted in detail, such as the Opera Blanc line.

2. It is characteristic of most of the classic lines, the so-called “Provencal style”, which is named after the luxurious style of French furniture, which have white and wooden edges, leaving the furniture with a mixture of rusticity and delicacy, such as La Vie Line.

3. In addition to the Provençal furniture, the woody tones are gaining more and more space in the market. Cribs and dressers in natural wood color or even mixed with white, leave the environment perfectly harmonious (without loading the room), as an example of the furniture of the Line Opera Madeira.

4. 4. The classic furniture is rich in details, these lines feature handmade designs such as turned legs, captains, screens and headboards with classic designs.

5. 5. Most classic furniture does not turn into mini-bed, this is a common feature of furniture in this line.
For this reason, the classic line is not very versatile, but for those who like to invest in good decoration, and have a little dream room, it’s worth the investment!

6. 6. Another very important thing to remember, is that classic or Provencal furniture is not just for girls (as most think).
This line is super unisex, and looks perfect in a masculine or feminine decoration.
The line is also very suitable for those who like neutral environments and even like the idea of ​​moving the furniture to the next baby!

7. 7. For moms who love themes for the bedroom, prince, princesses or like the idea of ​​embroidery or classic frames with arabesques and crowns, the classic line is ideal!
That is why, it is very important that the theme of the room is appropriate to the style of the furniture so that it is harmonious and cozy!

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