Windows for Tablets only in 2012

Microsoft should release the version of your operating system optimized for tablets in the second half of 2012, in time for back to school. The information is conveyed today by Bloomberg, quoting sources close to the process to advance information.

according to the same sources, the Agency indicates that the testing of a new version of Windows begin towards the end of the year with partners and customers, but the official release of version only happen later.

according to the available data, it can be a Windows 7 specific version cut out as smaller screen, a battery life more demanding and application control for gestures.

The information does not have to have confirmation from Microsoft, although the company is working on a new generation of Windows and that recognises the tablets that tend to gain more weight in the market of PCs.

what is certain is that the longer the company take to do it further will reach its main competitors in this area: Apple and Google, via the Android.

as a Gartner analyst quoted by the news agency “If 2011 is the year of the tablets, Microsoft will come extremely late to this battle”.

confirmed the release date for Microsoft operating system “formatted” for tablet PCs only in 2012, the more likely it is that the manufacturer “attack” this market when Apple is already in a third generation of the iPad, the same which should happen with Android.

Ensure Scottsdale’s predictions that in 2015 will be sold 118 million of tablets. Just this year, is scheduled to arrive at market of more than 100 new models of this type of devices.

stress that Windows 7 already supports tablet PCs. What is at issue is the release of a version designed to root for this type of devices.

Note: News updated with more details about the release of a new version of Windows designed for tablet PCs.