Winter Makeup: Make Up Revolution

The makeup of winter discretíssima as if I was just pointing out the makeup that is most beautiful in the face.

Evaluate how the tones are raw and lightly browned but without scoring too.

This make incredible, what evidence the apples and gives a sexy, natural and bright air, was made only on the basis and dust, the lips are nude.

How To Make? Begin applying, with brush, a fluid base mixed with a little bit of moisturizer. Sprinkle sparkles at strategic points of the face: on the bone of the apples, rising towards the temples, on the upper eyelids, above eyebrows, jaw and lips, lightly.

Then apply a color slightly darker than your natural tone in the inside corner of eyes, descending gently towards the nose, just below the bone of the Apple and up toward the forehead.

If you don’t have a darker powder, improvise with Brown blush or sparkles. Finally, pass a broad brush, clean, over the entire face, to soften the colors and ease any visible line between them.

This is a look that gives total emphasis on skin. Thus, it is essential to prepare it before you start the application of makeup following ehuacom: wipe your face with a bar of SOAP, tone and hydrate g anti-grease (Alternatively, use thermal water).