Winter Scarf

With the proximity of the colder seasons of the year it is common to change a bit the way we dress, especially in relation to accessories. With lower temperatures generally tend to protect the neck, changing the necklaces by scarves. Check out what are the models for the 2014 Winter and how to use them:

The scarf is a very used in the winter, especially in regions where temperatures are lower. They can be made with different wool knitting patterns for yourself, or in tissues, such as scarves and pashminas. You can use the scarf in various ways, always giving a new appearance to the looks.

One of the ways that this play has been used currently is as golinha. For this you will wrap the scarf around the neck to hide the edges, giving a knot to make ends meet. Let the scarf more in love, as if you had wrapped, so unpretentiously. There are also some models of scarves that are already closed, the format of a large circle. So, simply wrap a couple of times to get the desired effect.

You can also use the scarf in love, a tip for each side, without making any kind of mooring. This is a way to use the scarf on days when it’s not too cold, because the body is less protected, but the charm is guaranteed. If you like the feel of the neck warm in cold days, simply fold the scarf in half and spend the points on that back.

Among the models of scarves at that will be high this winter, it is worth highlighting the types of knitting sharp zig zag, mixing colors, stripes.