Xiaomi Mi5: Vice President Released New Photo Samples

The Xiaomi Mi5 should enable high contrast and sharp images: Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra, published photos on his Facebook account, should be created with the new flagship of the manufacturer. The figures again indicate that an above-average camera is installed in the device.

The according to the Mi5 photos Xiaomi Hugo Barra made the images with the HDR mode of the camera app, PhoneArena reports. The Vice of Xiaomi according to the automatic mode was used, without having made additional settings. In the pictures, snippets of a Palm tree are seeing, which more or less have been enlarged. In fact, the photos appear sharp and rich in detail.

16 MP Main Camera

The camera on the back of Xiaomi Mi5 will allow MP rumored to photos with a resolution of 16. Only recently had the Xiaomi co-founder bin Lin released pictures that also should have been done with the successor of Xiaomi Mi4. However, were probably both the pictures of Lin, as well as by Barra compressed before they were published – therefore practice tests are likely to show only after the release, what actually can the camera of Mi5.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be powered by the a Snapdragon 820, the new high-end chip set of the Californian manufacturer Qualcomm. The front camera creates the rumored Selfies with the resolution of 8 MP. The display is probably measured 5.7 inches in diagonal and offer a full HD resolution. The Smartphone will be presented in late February at the MWC 2016 of public.

Xiaomi Mi5 Vice President Released New Photo Samples