Xperia M5: Camera Moves Right Into The Dxomark Test With The Xperia Z3

Sony itself advertises the Xperia M5 as a “Super middle” and prides itself on the camera properties of smartphones. The camera experts of DxO, a manufacturer of image processing software, have looked more closely at the unit and subjected it to extensive testing.

79 points not sound like an excellent performance while first, however be noted here that the best score ever granted by DxO for a Smartphone camera, is only eight points higher. Besides the Xperia M5, the former top models Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z3 and Z2 have achieved a score of 79 meters. The best mark of 87 points reached only the Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Xperia Z5.

Faster Auto-Focus Photos

In the test the Xperia M5 could stand out apparently by a high attention to detail and low noise. The auto focus works in photography mode also quickly and cleanly. Slightly negative noticed, however, that photos in the corners tend to blur. Also had images that were taken with the simple strobe light, discolored in the corners.

Xperia M5 Camera Moves Right Into The Dxomark Test With The Xperia Z3

When recording videos the auto focus of the Xperia M5 camera once again demonstrated he works fast. Enough light to convince also the colors and the white balance. Negative of the so-called Jello effect apparently stood out where the image like Jell-o trembles when the wearer of the camera moves on foot. The camera of Xperia M5 offers more than would be expected from a middle-class Smartphone, and is just under the camera of the HTC one A9.