Xperia Z2 And The Recipe For Success Of Sony

In sport says the maximum that a team that WINS won’t move. And what Sony has done in recent times is this: has improved your recipe-of-the-art smartphone without touching the hard core. Between giant and other mini versions, are the Xperia Z who mark the rhythm of the company and also begin to mark the rhythm of the market.

A good example of this is the smartphone the splash resistance and the ability to function underwater. At first it seemed the attack to a niche, but now is a condition common to several smartphones.

But on the capabilities of the Z “aquatic” Xperia already TeK had spoken when analyzed the Z1 version. This time the weights get to three specific points where the smartphone from Sony stands out: design, photography and fluidity in the

and the focus on these three characteristics also happens because between the Z2 Z1 and there are no big differences reveal. The screen has grown a bit, to the 5.2 inches with Full HD resolution, the RAM jumped to 3 GB, and the processor also suffered a slight improvement. Elements although not revolutionaries, contribute decisively to the qualitative leap of range.

Boxy and well built

the Sony Xperia Z2 is not a phone for everyone. Not very well in the female elements. Is a cell phone hard lines, square and little ergonomic. But it’s not that works well?

Sony smartphone is simple and very well designed. The materials used to build the equipment are the top and in this field, in no time the users feel that the money invested is hardly justified. Off screen, the Xperia Z2 is a massive block of quality.

glass construction, in the back and in the front makes grabbing the equipment is always a polished experience. And unlike other equipment, is not a collector of fingerprints. It’s a little slim and smaller hands can drop the phone with relative ease. But the user should take responsibility to whom passes the equipment.

despite leaving greater a taste that the previous model, the Xperia Z1, the 2014 version of the high-end smartphone keeps roughly the same size. And even managed to lose weight a few mm in thickness.

TeK’s opinion there are only two problems: the position of the volume buttons, too low for a phone of 5.2 inches, and large black margins on the top and bottom of the phone. But at the level of the margins of the screen, the Z2 is better than the previous model.

photos and videos mohamedfaheerkhan

the Sony Xperia Z2 has a photo sensor that lets you capture photos with a 20.7-megapixel resolution. The number is frightening when compared with other smartphones. The camera of the iPhone 5s for example is “parked” in a few friendly eight megapixels.

But the count of megapixels isn’t everything. The quality of the sensor is what defines much of the quality of the photographs that are taken by the smartphone. And the Sony comes equipped with a good sensor, fruit of the company’s know-how in the field of digital photography.

Are examples of images obtained with the Xperia Z2.

looks like there is some excessive saturation for the colors. Blues too blue and a festival of colors in photographs with too many unreasonable elements.

But after the detail and the ability to reproduce textures eventually compensate. And anything that Sony can’t come to settle with a “fine tuning” of software.

at the end is also the idea that Sony may not produce the best images or those that have the highest resolutions – as the Lumia-1020, but at least the user also does not have to give up the linear hardware because of another feature.

another area where Sony distinguishes itself is in the video. With version Z2 you can capture movies in Ultra HD. An innovation very welcome, but for now it seems overrated. The quality is unquestionable, there’s more detail in these videos than in others. But then what to do with them? Play them in equipment such as a PC or a television, that do not have quality to go with it? For this Full HD recordings will carrying out and getting better.

Now, a feature that gives another class on the phone is the Hummingbird effect that can be given to the videos. This special recording mode captures a video at 120 frames per second. The user can then set in which you want to apply the slow motion effect. The final results can be spectacular, if the user’s creativity and time permit. In the case of TeK is a possible example:

Sony is very rich in still photography options. The automatic mode is the best I’ve experienced, while automatic the manual mode is the more control parameters. Application of creative filters in direct, also broadcast “live” videos by Facebook or the traditional purposes of augmented reality with dinosaurs and fish are a creative and fun.

Z of fast

The Sony Xperia Z are synonymous with speed. The Sony Xperia Z are synonymous with fluidity. The Sony Xperia Z are synonymous with speed.

is, in the opinion of those who sign the article cell phone with better performance and relationship between hardware and software. The Sony Xperia Z2 is the latest equipment to raise the good work of technology in this field.

jam smartphone. The smartphone does not choke. The smartphone runs everything there is to run and without difficulty. The secret lies in part in the positive-and attractive-customization that Sony does to Android, never fill a lot of undesirable software.

On user experience almost equates to a pure Android – another trend in LG, Samsung-us, bringing a handful of Sony’s proprietary applications. The Video Unlimited, for example, doesn’t even work here.

by default there’s no “tricks” interesting software that exist and differentiate the competition phones. But overall the experience is to use “without limits”.

and defects, no?

The first thought and taking into account the experiences that have been made, there are few faults pointing to Sony’s cell phone. Just needed to be restarted once for not playing a video, while everything else was working.

the battery is possibly the weakest link. Intensive, constant running of applications and Internet connection almost 24/7 can one day. A use less demanding gives for more.

But looking for other equipment such as the G3 and how Huawei P7, is feeling the competition is better in this field.
is also the following thought: right now, and given the evolving state of smartphones, there’s not much margin for error. There are good devices with good performances under 200 euros. That is, the brands that want to put on the market premium phones cannot fail or may fail very little. And that’s what has happened. More and more high end Android are worthy of the name and the competition has been positive for the market – the consumer is left to win.

concluding remarks

at the end there are two questions: is it worth investing in, and if you have the Z2 Xperia Xperia Z1, worth the upgrade?

the first question is “Yes”. The Z2 is a top of the range across the Board and if feels attracted to the solid design of the phone, you have here a partner for several years. And if you are taking a lot of pictures with your mobile phone or needs an equipment always available to produce content, this is without a doubt one of the best options on the market.

the only drawback to an investment in the Xperia Z2 is … the arrival of Xperia Z3. Are already beginning to emerge the first rumors and the first images, and it is possible that in August, at IFA in Berlin, is presented a new mode. Between the announcement of the Z1 and Z2 only six months, so it would not be surprising a new update in less than a year.

Now the second question: If you already have a Z1, stay with him. The differences to the Z2 are not so abysmal that justify a new investment of around 630 euros. The Z2 is better-it is true-but will be 630 euros better? Clearly not.

If you can sell your Xperia Z1, so the conversation is another. The fact that the Xperia Z2 have 3 GB of RAM, a better processor and an optimized version of Android make it a cell phone more able to meet the challenges and requirements of mobile development.

finally gets a “plea” to Sony: Learn how to optimize the space as the LG has done. The day that Sony produce a reduced margins, but with the same size, will be able to create a more attractive and more futuristic equipment. Possibly “black” margins of Xperia Z hide much of the technology that makes this phone a “special equipment”, but the future certainly squeezed the most equipment and Sony will have to make up ground in this field.

Is the Z2 below the LG G3? At all, in some aspects it is even higher. But in the fight for the best smartphone on the market every detail count.

Rui da Rocha Ferreira

Written under the new orthographic agreement