Yellow Summer Nail Art

Yellow Nail art: here’s the most original ideas for the summer! For spring summer 2016 stained nails yellow, a solar shade and vivid that resembles the summer season. Also the yellow nails is perfect with the outfits by day and can be carried also in view of very special occasions, such as the international women’s day. But what are the yellow manicure more original and trendy for spring summer 2016? Discover them all below!

Among the new glazes for the hot season , we find the beautiful shades of yellow: yellow, lemon yellow, but also a more intense yellow mimosa or sunflower. In short, the nails with nail polish yellow neon, neon or pastel sorbet will become the most fashionable beauty trend for next spring summer 2016! Of course with this nail color doesn’t pass unnoticed, but the great thing about dyed her nails with yellow enamel is to highlight your hands with a warm glow and very sunny.

Indeed, the quintessential yellow is the color of sunshine and positivity, so for that reason is going to be one of the trendiest colors this spring and summer. Therefore, this bright and lively color hue is perfect as well as for the glazes and nail art to wear paired with spring and summer look. In particular, among the trendiest yellow nail art for the summer we find the colour manicure with neon yellow glazes or pastel. However, who doesn’t love manicure in total yellow can always opt THEMAKEUPEXPLORER for yellow nail art that reflect even more colors of glazes, such as black or white.

However, among the most original yellow manicure for next spring summer 2016 we also find the yellow nail art with geometric patterns and charts, such as those with chess or rows (vertical, horizontal or intersected together to give almost a reason check). Among the most interesting proposals for the summer, we also find the yellow nail art with flowers and those with polka dots and Decorative bows. Alternatively, even a simple french manicure with nail polish yellow can make original and trendy nail art yellow .

Finally, among the most original and fun yellow nail art to realize there are those with drawings or emoticons on your nails, with yellow and black enamel glaze.

Browse our photo gallery to see all the most beautiful and original yellow nail art for the summer!