YouTube Party is Offline [Updated]

If you, like me, thought that Google and Wikipedia had one of the best infrastructures in the world servers, probably also got scared when the online encyclopedia was offline for nearly one hour yesterday afternoon. And today it is possible that your chin also fall when trying to access YouTube, the largest video site on the planet: it is offline.

Or at least part of it is. You can still watch the videos placed on pages (with code embedding) and the following direct links to the video site. You can not perform any other action on the site as well as watch videos that are already online. When trying to upload new clips or edit old videos you will face with the screen below.

According to the first message “YouTube is down” posted on Twitter, the site is already offline is just over 1 hour. There is no official response from Google yet.

[Updated at 09:33]: According to a message sent by Google to Mashable, the “YouTube is temporarily offline. Our engineers are working to restore the site.” Well, d’oh.

[Updated at 09:35]: And the site is back! If then the logic of the week, tomorrow will be the servers Microsoft that will take a non-scheduled off. Let us wait.