Zombie Highway 2, Driving at Full Speed While We Load Zombies

If you are of those insane that zombies games and you can not miss the titles of speed, it is quite possible that Zombie Highway 2 will you ensure hours of fun at the combining these two genres with perfect simplicity.

The objective of this game is to undertake a flight by car during a zombie apocalypse, and get all the far can getting rid of all those who are trying to hold on to our vehicle and swing it up to dump it. There will be different types of zombies, and each of them require us a technique or different combination of attacks to get rid of it.

The game controls are simple, since we will only have to use our mobile gyroscope to move from left to right on the road, and shoot with our different weapons at four different points of the screen, which are the front and rear windows of our car.

The way to weaken the zombies will be passing close to walls and damaged cars so they hit them. Only have the weakest enemies already they will fall, but in the other cases we must take that they imbalanced to shoot with our three weapon types, which are pistols and revolvers, machine guns or cropped.

When two zombies get to climb to one side our car we will run danger, because they will be enough to knock it over, and we will only have a few seconds to get rid of them until they succeed. A good way to remove them is to use children for, going faster, make them much more damage when they collide with obstacles.

Whenever we finish one item, depending on the distance we have traveled and the zombies that have brought us ahead will gain a certain amount of money. We will take stock of this money and use it before you start the next round for improve our equipment and vehicle or to buy other new and better.

Zombie Highway 2The version varies depending on the device

  • Version of Android: 4.0 and higher versions
  • Developer: Auxbrain Inc
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Action