10 Reasons to Go to Croatia

By | May 1, 2022
  1. Croatia has the cleanest sea in Europe.

According to topschoolsintheusa, Croatia has the cleanest sea in Europe. The number of beaches that have the “Blue Flag” is growing every year! Even neighbors Italians prefer to relax on the coasts of Croatia. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to accurately determine the color of the Adriatic Sea: sometimes it is dark blue, sometimes greenish-blue, sometimes shimmers in a thousand shades.

  1. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Croatia is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is famous for its rare and unique beauty. There are 8 national parks here! The most picturesque park “Plitvice Lakes”, taken under the protection of UNESCO. 16 lakes located in a dense forest are interconnected by 92 cascades of waterfalls. This amazing sight is called the “eighth wonder of the world”!

  1. Many ancient cities and architectural monuments.

There are many ancient cities here, each of which has its own unique flavor, its own architecture, its own history. Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Opatija, Pula, Split, Porec and others are real open-air museums. Croatia has a record number of UNESCO cultural heritage sites per square kilometer. Dubrovnik is called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, it is included by UNESCO in the list of the most beautiful cities of Europe of the Renaissance, along with Venice and Amsterdam. Croatia has a very rich excursion program. Wherever you rest: on the Istrian peninsula (Pula airport), in Central Dalmatia (Split airport), or in the south in Dubrovnik, you will be offered from 8 to 10 options for excursions, as well as trips to Montenegro, Albania and Venice.

  1. Culture, folk traditions.

Croatia ranks 1st in Europe and 4th in the world in terms of the number of traditions included in the UNESCO list! Among these traditions, of course, is the famous Croatian hospitality, which will pleasantly amaze you.

  1. Unique Croatian cuisine, wine and cheese.

Croatian cuisine leaves no one indifferent. In the north of the country, where the Venetian Republic used to be, the cuisine has a sophisticated, Mediterranean character with a clear Italian accent. Always fresh seafood – grilled squid, cuttlefish risotto, fish and shellfish dishes, Croatian sheep’s cheese and tender lamb… All this is washed down with excellent wines. At the same time, the price for pleasure is lower than in other European countries.

  1. Short flight.

A short flight, good service, mild climate throughout the year makes this country attractive for all ages.

  1. Climate.

It has an ideal climate with dry, moderately hot summers, and the air, filled with the smell of pine trees, is very useful for curing all diseases. On the territory of Croatia there are also more than 20 thermal springs, 15 mud deposits and even 1 deposit of unique medicinal oil.
Croatia, thanks to its mild climate, is an excellent place for families with children. At a time when heat reigns throughout the Mediterranean, Croatia is sunny, warm and surprisingly comfortable even for the smallest children.

  1. Center for nudism.

If you are an adherent of naturalism (nudism) – Croatia is the unofficial center of world nudism, where there are many nudist beaches.

  1. A great place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Croatia is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts: tennis courts, sports centers, golf courses, yachts, motorcycles, bicycles, jet skis, diving equipment, cars, kayaks, horseback riding, hang gliding and much more! Croatia is a country ideal for a holiday on a yacht. In coastal waters, the influence of storm winds and waves, which so unpleasantly annoy the yachtsman on the high seas, is practically not felt. At night, the water is the same temperature as during the day – 21-24 degrees. Thanks to this, you can get indescribable pleasure from night swimming. In addition, yacht charter in the coastal waters of Croatia is one of the most affordable/democratic yachting options.

  1. Fine souvenirs.

As a souvenir, buy a fashionable tie, because Croatia is the birthplace of ties. And also: wine, prosciutto, olive oil (preferably homemade, you can buy it in the markets), honey, figured candles, liqueurs, jewelry (morcic, kolarins from Dubrovnik and Korcula), cheese, lace (including from the island of Pag, but they are quite expensive), handmade souvenirs, lavender products (bags, oil, pillows, etc.)

10 Reasons to Go to Croatia